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Friday, July 21, 2006

   Yah.... No new chapter! Short post!!!

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All righty, so I have no new chapter. Sorry guys >.> But I felt like typing down something, though no new ideas come to mind for the story....

I'm going to be changing my site more often than usual, but not today, 'cause I'm too tired/lazy to do so.... But yeah, I feel like doing something different. Anyone have any suggestions for BGs??? I have three different BGs etc. for my site already, but if anyone has suggestions, I'll do that first ^-^

Random facts! Now you will get to know the evil, I mean, good and bad me xD

1) I used to like all animals, but now I'm only slightly partial to cats...

2) If I'm bored, you're pretty much talking to a brick wall ^-^"

3) I love talking! Of course, that's obvious, huh....? But I prefer getting talked to.....though that may not be so obvious >.>

4) I have a shirt that says "Good at getting what I want"; and it's true -_-" So people think I'm spoiled.

5) I love a ton of people, but I move so much, I can hardly keep my head on straight....so, so much for the love, huh? xP

I've probably already bored you enough about me, so what about you??? J/k ^.^ You don't have to tell, lol.

If you were bored enough to read this, then you must be as bored (or more) than I am! Oh well, hope you had some entertainment from this. ^-^


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