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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   I'm so sorry, and next chapter!!! xD

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Okay, so I've been lazy and haven't even gotten on myO in a while, but I visited a couple of sites today and commented some. Gomen!!!

Well.... I wrote another chapter ^-^ I'm writing the next one too, so this time, I know more than you do! Lols xD I'm such a nerd...

Speaking of nerds, I'm super-hyper today! I read two entire books, so I feel like doing something a little less boring than sitting around and reading. (again, gomen to those that love to read, but I only find it interesting every now and then)

In about an hour and a half, I had this chapter done. It's almost 1500 words, so if you don't have the time to read it, you probably won't want to.

The next chapter has more Terry, so for those who like the little dab of romance I put in it, you might probably like the next one. (unfortunately, Kitty has to ruin some of it, but that's just natural) Also, some of this chapter may be a little confusing.... I don't really have much time to edit it.....

Kk, I'll stop wasting time now. See ya, and hope you all have a great day!


"Jerk! Get your bloody hands off me!!!" Kitty screamed.

She then paused for a long moment, noticing for the first time since he grabbed her that his hands were a dark, blood-colored red.

"Stupid, little girl! It's not blood! But it may soon be...." he gave an odd, choked-up chuckle.

[Kitty's POV]

What the heck?! I can't believe I'm stuck with an evil lunatic.

[end POV]

She rolled her eyes, then looked around. The room was probably about as long as a football field - maybe longer - and about as wide. The ceiling was so tall, she couldn't even see the top. It was very dark, so she thought perhaps that the ceiling was somewhat transparent to let some light in.

Light came through the door on the opposite side of the room as a figure slowly stepped in. He held out his left arm toward her with something like a flashlight in his hand -- no, it looked like a sphere. Just like the one around her neck...

Kitty impulsively pulled one arm away from the man and gripped her sphere, making it glow twice as hard as the one he held. He stepped closer and demanded in a different language for the man to let her go.

As soon as he let go, she was in mid-air, halfway up to the ceiling. The man holding the sphere now looked only like a tiny dot....growing larger and larger. She soon realized she was going to be attacked and spun away, leaving him to dart up close to the top of the ceiling.

Looking around frantically, she could no longer see the small light from the sphere. It was entirely gone.

From behind her, she could hear a faint whisper growing louder as it apparently came closer. She closed her eyes, clutched the sphere, then twirled up to the top of the ceiling. In the next minute, Kitty was holding out the sphere as it let out an enormous beam-like weapon. It was no heavier than the sphere by itself. She swung it around the room a couple of times and was rewarded by a groan on the opposite side of the room.

From that point she instinctively realized that she needed to stay put. The sword disappeared, and she made the sphere stop glowing without losing her ability to defy gravity and stay put in the air.

Whispering was heard on the side of the room where she estimated the now-wounded man was, then she heard a yell from the man that had dragged her in. She shed the light again, to see the two over there, then she saw that same man that had pulled her harshly in and tortured her wincing as the light hit him - anger welled up inside her, but then she remembered Terrence.

[Kitty's POV]

Great... I'll just get these two lugs to tell me where he is. No one can do anything to me now.

[end POV]

The man ran out of the room before the light took its hold, leaving his companion behind.

"You filthy, disgusting coward!" she yelled, her voice booming throughout the entire room, echoing, then receding.

She descended closer to the wounded man, making the light go down, and stayed far enough away that he wouldn't try to run away. She knew that he thought she couldn't hurt him at this distance.

Kitty spoke again, but more softly with a little emotion in it this time. "Do you know where Terry is...? I'm afraid I don't know how to find him with this...." she paused. "But I can find him if you won't tell me."

The old man glanced at the door and looked back at her. She, for the first time, now noticed it was Terrence's father. Fear immediately swept through all other emotions and took over her entire mind.

[Kitty's POV]

This is Terry's father! He'll never forgive me!

[end POV]

Tears ran over her eyelids, escaping for the first time since all this happened to her. She winced, feeling that tears were beneath her at this time.

"Tell me!" she almost screamed.

He groaned, standing up, then faced her. He met her eye-to-eye, trying to read her expressions in the faint light of the sphere.

"You're crying, aren't you? Petulant little child!"

She lunged at him, knocking him again to the floor.

"Let's try this again!" her old attitude seeped in, fighting the fear for first place in her mind. "I don't care what the heck happens to you or to anyone in this house other than Terry and Rey!!!"

He chuckled, then the chuckle spilled into evil laughter, letting his voice haunt the room. Her head spun for a moment as his voice reverberated through her mind, but she didn't let it take a hold of her.

"Tell me now! If not, I'll find him then kill you!" she threatened, her voice unwavering.

Pausing, he now thought this over. No sooner had he done this than he caught her off guard.

"Do you think I'd tell you?" his voice came from behind her. "Many have come before you have, and not so many have survived... Even if I told you where he was, it wouldn't matter. Your little "love life" would be of no use to you. I adopt those who don't die -- being only Terrence! Do you think I would be so foolish as to tell you where he was?!"

Those words sank through her, crawling through her skin.

"No way you could EVER be my father!!!" she screamed, turning around and, once again, letting out that burst of light for a sword.

She let it hit him until he hit the ground, then she floated downward to him, letting the light paralyze his entire body. When she got to a reasonable distance, she started to speak.

"You are unworthy of ever even being CALLED a father!" she felt like killing him, her blood-lust thrilling her just now. "I am obviously more powerful than you expected. Don't deny it! I am simply more powerful! Terrence told me it all! I'm from the absolute highest families in this entire 'sphere world' you mention so often."

He didn't bother trying to move an inch. He knew this move and, apparently, knew it all too well.

"Aren't you the bright one?" he did that awful laugh again, the choked his way into speaking. "You probably still don't realize why he crossed out all the other families, huh?"

Her eyes flashed, anger appearing suddenly in her eyes.

"You don't mean...."

"Ah, you're now catching on! How could you not wonder why Terrence was so worried about you? He went through the same thing! Of course you're stronger than he is. But that's only natural! He was never a part of everyone else. His family was always....introverted."

"You killed....so many?!" she returned the subject to his cruelty. "Why, why, why!?"

Her sphere glowed again, but this time, it was as hot as when she used it the second time. It burned her hand, but left it there. It was boiling hot, but it didn't char her skin. Fire soon spurt from it, leaping at him, but stopping millimeters short. The room was soon glowing and hot.

"So...." he grinned with his eyes unnable to be seen. "This is what the power has done to you." he laughed again, and the flames nearly licked the wicked grin off his face.

"No. This is what control over power can do with me!" she dove up close to him, still keeping the flames as a barrier between them, but not frying him like the insect he was.

"Where is the difference?!" he howled. "Besides, if you kill me, you do understand that the whole household would be at Terry to kill him." the surprise written all over her face just made him laugh even more wickedly. "Oh yes, that little boy would have no one controlling him! He would be almost as strong as you! Of course, that pill hadn't controlled you half as well as I would've hoped..."

She let the flames taste his garment, then let it go back to the sphere. She glided quickly but gracefully out the door. The rooms seemed twisted and misshapen, but she thought that was mostly because she was tired and dizzy.

Constantly flying, she went down several halls before flying into what seemed to be a quiet room. Kitty looked around, saw the plants, and realized she was back where she started. Exhaustion overcame her and she crumpled to the floor before feeling someone's arms wrapped tight around her.

"Oh, God, you're safe..." it was Terrence's voice.

She felt him hold her tight before finally feeling safe enough to rest in his arms.


I also think I accidentally deleted one of the chapters that I posted.... Well, for those of you that might be interested, you can ask me and I'll send you what I've posted so far. (without all the chit-chat garbage, lol)


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