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Welcome to MY!!! Site!!!!
OK here are the rules no chain leters
if u come to my sight i will come to urs and i dont mean just look i mean commenting if u dont coment me i whont coment u if u do i will to
and for ppl who whonts to wright mean thing in my gb just to get ur site rank up well thats just mean u can at least put some thing nice there

I Thank u for listening
to my termes ^^ i hope u
enjoy my site and become good frinds ^_^

Thursday, January 10, 2008

   .... a little pissed so little detals srry.........
ok srry for not posting yesterday my parents wouldn't let me on the cp so i tryed my labtop aka(lagy the labtop) lol yes i named it. but any whay thx for the coments. ok to day i had my soccer game we lost 2 to 0 >_< man this suckes i am so pissed not cuse we lost ya i am disapointed but how isent whin thay lose i am angry cuse the ref sucks at calls it was like he keep following me the hole gane and calling me whin i wasent doing any thing rong i know i wasent cuse i whent over it in my head a cuple of times lol and i now i did every thing legal but oh well no use dweling on the past like a quet i herd onec said today is tomorrow wich we feard about yesterday. i know the meaning of it but i think i am going to let u think of what is mite posibly be ^_^.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

lol ok whin i got up i always go down stars to get something to eat i am sure u all do but to day i got up and whint to the stars and i slipt and fell all the way down. that was painful i think i mite have spraind my rist. well at lest i didn't brak it or injer my leg that would bite cuse i am always a full back defender and the most agresiv on my team. well thats what all my frinds say. but ya i am glad i am still able to play. but whin i told my coech she found it so funny and laghed so hard *i was not*. but she was glad she didn't have to get some one to fill my spot. but other thin that all i did was sleep in home room and in 1 2 and 5 period lol nothing realy fun in there classes any whay oh and i almost got sent to the of fo back tolking lol but ya i hope u all had a better day thn i did well tolk to u all later
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Monday, January 7, 2008

hhhh man i am so beat school tarted again. and so did all the comotion. my frinds are saying there going to kidnap me so i cant move got soccer game thursday and studying fo the rest of my exams for next week and i am super sleepY!!!!! (deep breath)but ya thats realy whats going to in my life right now. but ya other thin all that nothing realy is going on thats is realy exiting cuse i live in the most boringest place in the hole us guesss i kinda cant waite to move but i dont whant to move away from frinds *so complicated* but ya i i hope u all had a fun and safe holiday and i am sure u had a wonderful school day if u whint to school today *lol ya right* well ttyl!!
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   hope u like
enjoy the video

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   WOW had to site for this
ok i am srry i have not been on in a wile my cp brok and the parints have been useing theres a lot my parints are realy in to the game (wow) WORLD OF WAR CRAFT. And cuse i couldnet get on the cp i was with frind we whent to see some gay movie i forgot wich one. and that gay move mad me hungy so we whint to jony rockets it was realy cool i had never whint there befor.But the realy interesting new wasent till i got home my dad was waiting (he is in the milatary)ok befor i tell u we have moved off base for the last 2 years and we were going to retier here in sunny FL but not any more were moveing NOOO. this sucks. but were we are moveing to soon is nere family and SNOWWW i hate the sun i have see sand my hole life i never seen snow thoue nad so my dad said whin we get there he's going to make me go snow bording. thats going to be the funyest thing to wach me. me some one who has never been by snow trying that. i can see it now me falling down and thin roleing down the rest of the hill LOL. well i am up to any thing fun ^_^ but we dont move for a wile we areat the end of the year. so i dont have to tell u come the end of the year i whont have my cp for like 2 monthes TORCHER.
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