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Monday, February 18, 2008

Time: 1:02
Mood: ^_^ Good mood. Woot!
Music: Good Charlotte- Misery



Yeah believe it or not I've been here for TWO whole years!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohooo!!!!!!!!!!

That's really all I had to say today.

Sorry but my comp won't let me comment on anyone's site. Not even my own. So I can't comment...not like I comment on anyone's site anyways. ^^' And its okay if you can't comment on mine today. But it'd be really cool if ya did. If you can. Stupid otaku. Have to have all of these...glitches. -_-'

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time: 4:36
Mood: Best mood ever. ^^
Music: Madina Lake- Stars


Well if I told ya nothing has happened I would be lieing.(sp). ^^

I'll start from Saturday. Saturday we had a birthday party for my dad. He turned 49. (old dad..but coolest around. Note the picture of him all ninja like in my purple box) And we had one for my G-pa too. His birthday was the 7th. Dad's the 9th. And my uncle's was the 5th. But he stayed home cause it was right after he got home from the hospital. (he had heart surgery(sp)) And so That was pretty fun. ^^ To tell ya the truth I don't remember what I did that day. ^_^' it was just another day in my life that I won't remember all that well. -_-' But that's okay. I have a lot of those. ^^

So that brings me to Sunday. I woke up early Sunday. I got up around 7:10. And mom was up. She was in here(comp room) looking at her frequent flyer miles and stuff(which she has a lot of from that year that she worked in PA) And I walk in and sit in the chair for a while and then she asked me, "Do you really think your dad wants to go to Alaska?" And I said "Not really" And she said "okay then we're gonna go to Hawaii." And I said "sounds good. When?" She said "Oh...in about 2 weeks" O_O (that's what my expression was) So I got really excited and what not. Turns out that that's the same week my aunt and uncle(the one that had heart surgery) are going that week too. And I don't think there is one person that I haven't told yet. ^^' I am so excited. ^^

My uncle said that we are gonna have to rent a surf board so I can learn how. ^^ I'm gonna fall so many times. My mom is taking the vid cam and If she records me and I do something stupid I'M SO SENDING IT INTO AMERICA'S FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS!!!! I love that show. ^^

So then Here comes monday. And it ices really bad here. So we only went to school for less than 4 hours. we went to school for about 3 1/2 hours. So when I got home I decided that I was gonna change my site. But I didn't change it fully till Tuesday. Oh And I ordered a new cell phone.

Tuesday we had no school due to the ice. Tuesday I went to the dentist to get my splint for my jaw. It rocks. I never thought I would say that but I'm really happy about it. It keeps me from biting my lip too. Which is a good thing. ^^ And For an hour I worked on getting my green and purple boxes made. I made them out of my post box. Which I guess its not such a big deal but to me it is cause the box is pretty much different from my post box. I'm so proud of myself. And I showed my mom. And she said it was cool. Then I showed her all of the codes that I use to get my site like I want it And she was amazed. No one in my family knows much about html. ^^ I feel so satisfactory. WOOHOO.

Then for the rest of tuesday I played sims 2 and watched tv. And Spent time over at my aunt and uncle's house looking at pictures of Hawaii.

Then On Wednesday we have another snow day because the backroads were really icy still. And So I get up and My valentine's day present is on the table. And dad told me to open it. So I did. And I got Sims 2 stuff. Which rocked. Cause I played sims for the whole day yesterday. ^^ And I got my phone. Its a solid black razor. I love that phone.

Then today we actually went to school. And It was a half day. (teacher work day) ^^ So we didn't really do anything in class. So I bluetoothed songs with people and played around. Then I came home and played sims and watched tv. (its becoming a habit)

Then tomorrow is gonna be our only full day of school. (but there's a snow storm coming our way on Friday. so We might get out early but its a long shot) And Tomorrow after school I'm going home with Kate and Michelle and we are going to make chocolate and spend the night.

Then On Saturday I have nothing to do but come home from Kate's.

I guess I'll talk to yalls later. Bye bye

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Time: 3:25 Pm
Mood: Better than what its been for the past few days. ^^
Food: Bisket(sp) and tea!
Weather: rainy and freezing.


You know what I decided? I decided a lot of things actually. I'll start in a list and go on from there... ^^

1. I'm not as stupid as I may seem
2. I love learning about space
3. People are really stupid...especially when they tick me off. ^^'
4. My uncle has bad health problems
5. I'm way too happy about my jaw
6. I know where I can go to college..but I'll never get in.
7. I'm the only girl in my gym class that knows the real Addam's family song. ^^'
8. I don't think I'm going to the Valentine's day dance.
9. These biskets are really good. ^^'
10. And that this is enough thinks that I decided. ^^

1. I'm not as stupid as people think I am. I know a lot of things. Most of it isn't important things though. Like where they came up with the word F*c* ^^' And what it means!

2. The other day I was watching this thing on Parallel universes and it said that we have one. ^^ But that's not even what I like about it. I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE THE MILKY WAY TO ANOTHER GLAXAY(sp) TO FIND OTHER HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!!! I swear that there is only one way to find out and why not go explore the unknown to find more human kind? Its a fool proof plan!

3. I nearly got into a fight yesterday because some stupid fatty crack(as in the ass) girl told me to shut up. And that doesn't fly with me. I hate being told to shut up. I mean its not like I talk all that much at school anyways. -_-' I was ticked more than a clock.

4. My uncle has to have a tube put in his heart and today he was having chest pains and the weewuu was at his house. I can't spell the thing that it really is...something like... Ambalance..-_-'

5. I went to the dentist on Monday and they molded my mouth to make my splint to fix my jaw! Woot!

6. I decided that If I get my grades up I can go to harvard. To be a doctor. Cause they have that kinda college there. ^^'

7. So the Addam's family song goes like this:

They're creepy and they're Kooky
Misterious and spooky
They're all together ooky
The Addam's family
*snap snap*

Their house is a museum
When people come to see um
It really is a sreamum
the Addam's family
*snap snap*

*end of song*

I think I'm the only one that knows that. -_-'

8. I might be going ice skating again.

Well I've got nothing else to say. ^^ Later gator.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time: 3:51
Mood: eh so so. I guess.
Food: chips and sour cream. ^^'


My grades seem to be going up. ^^ I have a 99% in Science. I got a 90% (45/50) on my lab report. It was my first real formal one I ever did. ^^'

I have the 5th highest grade in the class in Math. ^^' That's really good. And the jerk who was bossing me around had at least 6 spots behind me. And Of course it made me mad. But in the end....The teacher decided to grade my paper from our group and That made me happy. ^^'

I love rubbing things in people's faces. Only if its people I dont like. ^^' I know that sounds mean. But really its fun.

I did the stupidest thing today. I was trying really hard to get in my locker at lunch today. And I kept putting in my combo and trying to open it. And Michelle comes over and says something and I look down at the number of the locker.....it wasn't mine. It was the one next to mine. So I wasted FIVE minutes trying to get someone elses locker open with my combo! It sucked. Then when I went to get into my real locker...It wouldn't open. And this guy comes up behind me and says "can't get your locker open?" And I said no. And he Kicks it really hard. and walks down the hall. Then he says "DID YOU GET IT OPEN YET?" I made the WTF face and said no. Then I put in my combo again and It popped right open. -_-' Its not even like it was jammed or anything. My locker is pretty clean. No loose papers or anything. Just books and a lunch box. -_-' And then a bit after I got into the cafeteria the guy came up to me and asked if I got into my locker. And I said yeah. I just felt it kinda weird that he would do a follow up as well. :P

Michelle and Kate have decided that I have a stalker. Because every time I'm at the games (basketball games-pep band) There is this guy there. And every time I come into eyes range He is staring at me. And last night I was walking by and one of his friends pointed me out and the guy turned around and stared at me again. -_-' I don't like to be stared at. Its just not one of my favorite things.

Well that's enough for me. ^^ later gater.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time: 3:30
Mood: Eh so so. But overall happy. ^^
Music: Madina Lake..I think its called Now or Never?...


Eh nothing really going on here. ^^

After like 2 or 3 years of hating fruits all of a sudden I'm craving them. T_T I hate fruit. I only like peaches and watermelon! T_T And neither one of those are in season.

Vegitables sound good at the moment as well. I can't spell vegitables. I don't know what's gotten into me. *sigh*

Its only been a minute since I looked at the clock last. T_T Time is so slow nowadays (not saying that's a bad thing)

I drew A picture! Its all in grey scale and it says Nothing Like Dark in the corner. and it has a picture of a fairy sitting on a flower that is dark (supposed to be a darkish blue..but its in grey scale so I didn't want to make it that color) And the fairy is turning blackish. Meaning she is turning evil/dark. ^^' I drew most of it in art yesterday when I was supposed to be drawing perspective. (I hate perspective) and I finished it today in math...when I realized that I didn't have to do my homework yesterday...we did it in class today. T_T

Tomorrow's an Early out!!!!! I can't wait. ^^ but I'll have nothing to do. -_-

Well later gator!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Time: 12:08 in the afternoon
Mood: Kinda upset. Cause Dina was being a butt and clawed the underneath of my finger nail. T_T Other than that I'm okay. ^^


Nothing really new. Tomorrow school starts back. Its only about 9 outside and I really wish that it would snow tonight that way I dont have to go to school tomorrow. Not like I don't like seeing my friends that I don't like to invite over. Its just I don't think I could handle a day at school. I've been so tired recently. I didn't sleep very well last night. Partically because my cat was attacking my covers. I couldn't move. Everytime she would dig her claws down into my blanket and start to snag it! She's such a bad cat. T_T She's such a cutie though. ^^ You couldn't tell by my avicon though. ^^'

I'm going to see Sweeny Todd this afternoon! I can't wait. ^^ I'm going with my sister. We go every once in a while. The last one we went to see together was The Simpson's movie. And before that was 1408 (which was a good movie).

On Sunday...Saturday....no...Sunday....well whatever day it was...I went to the movies with my mom and my other sister and we saw The Golden Compass. It was a good movie but It kinda left ya hanging with no kind of help at all. So much that you thought that there would be another hour to the movie. It explained a lot but it didn't do the right explaining at the end. Or at least that's what I thought. ^^' I still thought it was a good movie.

I have one non-exsistant PM in my inbox. I hate those. I remember when I had like 8 of them. That sucked so bad.

I'm thinking about starting an art club. ^^ but I dunt know if I'ma go through with it right now. I'm not really busy with anything I just don't feel like doing much. Yeah I know I'ma lazy ass. ^^' that's what I do best. ^^

This Part is for Kate:

SUNRISE!!!!!!!!! THE LAST SUNRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and no that song didn't come on I just felt like saying it. ^^ that and its stuck in my head. ^^ Stupid ear worm.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time: 9 at night
Mood: its been a rough day
Quote: Hey look its Paris Hilton!....oh wait that's a stick!

This is a rant post and if you don't want to read it then feel free not to. Though I would like someone to read it. ^^' Also if you are "emo" please read. There is some useful information on how NOT to be a dumb ass.

First off.... Who came up with the stupidest thing in the world called "lets be emo"


Actually if you ask me You all (meaning those who are emo with out a reason) ARE POSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leave the black and music to the real people. I don't want my nephew's growing up and saying "If one more person tells me this I'm going to kill myself" or "I've had a bad day. I'm going to go cry about it. And who knows I might just kill myself" Hopefully my Nephew's will NEVER know what the word Emo is.

These fake emo people are taking over the world. The music that I USED to hold near and dear to me has become something that everyone loves. No I take that back. THEY LOVE THE NEW SHTUFF THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry but I only like about 3 of the new My Chemical Romance Songs. I only like about 4 of the new The Used songs. I LOVED Paramore. But now that everyone knows it its kind of pointless. I remember when Paramore first came out. I Loved them then as I used to about 3 months ago. Granted I have both of their CDs and I listened to both of them today. But People are taking over the music that used to be my whole life.

What really gets me is this:

I have a Paramore Band tee. I wear it to school. People ask my why I have that. Because that's their kind of music. Not mine. I guess they think I listen to what? Because I have a certain shirt because that's one of my favorite bands and they ask my why I have it because that's their kind of music. Well let me tell you what. I KNEW ABOUT THEM FIRST. SO If anything ITS MY MUSIC.


I can't my favorite type of shoe (converse) because all of the "Emo" people have them. Its the same with the band tee. I can't wear them because I'm not "emo". When to tell you the truth I've been through more crap than their perfect little lives have ever been through.

If anything to the stupid little girls who say "Oh I just want to go cut." of "I'm going to kill my self" I HOPE THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THEY DO KILL THEMSELVES. NO ONE WILL MISS THEM ANYWAYS....Because none of them show emotion. Like at all. The thing nowadays is to be as mellow as statue. Not showing happiness, love, emotion at all. Kate says: they are like slithering snakes with cruel intent. like rats living off others and getting fat, still feeling sorry for themselves. they consume and give nothing <- I agree with her on that. ^^'

Now for the people like Me, Kate, And Michelle.

We are considered real "emos"...Unfortunately. Because we wear black and have for SEVERAL years And listen to the music that we have listened to since Oh I dont know....6th grade? Oh and lets not forget..we all used to cut our selves. Somehow we get wrapped into the Poser group. When we are actually the Real "emos". Now granted we don't do the cutting/I hate myself/ My life is a bitch/ I am stuck on myself stuff anymore. We still wear black (because its our favorite color and it doesn't look bad on us either.) And we listen to the same music because that's what we like. And some how the fakes have tricked themselves to be the reals and the reals have become the fakes. What the heck is wrong with this?

Just ponder on this for a while why don't cha. ^^

Later gator!

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Level 1:[X] Been on a plane
[] Thrown up from drinking
[X] Eaten sushi
[] Been snowboarding
[] Met someone BECAUSE of Myspace
[] Been mosh pitting
[X] Taken pain killers
[] Love(d) someone who you can't have
[] been in a BAD relationship

Total: 3

Level 2:
[x] Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
[] Been arrested/seen someone you know get arrested
[] Made out with a stranger
[] Gone out on a blind date
[] Had a crush on an older person
[] Skipped school
[] Slept with a co-worker
[X] Seen someone/something die
Total: 5

Level 3:
Total: [] I had an asthma attack
[] Smoked a cigarette
[] Smoked a cigar
[] Smoked weed
[] Kissed a member of the same sex
[] Drank alcohol
[] Been in love
[] Been dumped
[] Been fired
[] Been in a fist fight
[] Snuck out of a parent's house
Total: 5

Level 4:
[x] Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
[x] Made a snow angel
[X] Had a tea party
[x] Flown a kite
[x] Built a sand castle
[x] Gone puddle jumping
[x] Played dress up
[x] Made a pile of leaves
[x] Gone sledding
[x] Jumped into a pile of leaves
[x] Cheated while playing a game
total: 15

Level 5:
[x] Been lonely
[x] Fallen asleep at work/school
[X] Used a fake/someone else's ID (I threw away my ID last year on accident so I used a pokemon card)
[x] Watched the sun set/sun rise
[] Felt an earthquake
[X] Kissed a snake
[x] Been tickled
[] Been robbed/vandalized
[] Robbed someone
[x] Been misunderstood
total: 22

Level 6:
[] Pet a deer
[x] Won a contest
[] Been suspended
[] Had detention (I actually talked my way out of one before...I was talking to the principle ^^')
[x] Been in a car/motorcycle accident (four wheeler)
[] Had/Have braces
[X] Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night
[x] Had deja vu
[] Danced in the moonlight
[] Hate(d) the way you look
total: 26

Level 7:
[] Witnessed a crime
[] Questioned your heart
[] Been obsessed with post-it-notes
[x] Squished barefoot through the mud
[x] Been lost
[] Been to the opposite side of the world
[x] Swam in the ocean
[x] Felt like you were dying
[x] Cried yourself to sleep
total: 31

Level 8:
[x] Played cops and robbers
[x] Colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers
[x] Sang karaoke
[x] Done something you told yourself you wouldn't
[] Made prank phone calls
[x] Laughed until some kind of beverage came out your nose
[] Kissed in the rain
[x] Written a letter to Santa Claus
[] Been kissed under a mistletoe
total: 37

Level 9:
[] Watched the sunset w/ someone you care/cared about
[x] Blown bubbles
[] Made a bonfire on the beach
[] Crashed a party
[] Have traveled more than 5 days with a car full of people
[x] Gone rollerskating/blading
[x] Had a wish come true
[] Been humped by a monkey
[X] Worn pearls
[] Jumped off a bridge
total: 41

Level 10:
[] Screamed "penis"
[] Swam with dolphins
[X] Got your tongue stuck to a pole/freezer/ice cube/popsicle
[] Kissed a fish
[x] Worn the opposite sex's clothes
[] Sat on a roof top
[x] Screamed at the top of your lungs
[] Done/attempted a one-handed cartwheel
[] Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours
[x] Stayed up all night
total: 45

Level 11:
[] Picked & ate an apple right off the tree
[x] Climbed a tree
[] Had/Been in a tree house
[X] Have been/Are scared to watch scary movies alone
[X] Seen a ghost
[X] Have/Had more then 30 pairs of shoes or flip flops
[] Gone streaking
[] Been to/Visited someone at jail
[x] Played chicken
[] Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on
total: 50

Level 12:
[] Been told you're hot by a complete stranger
[x] Broken a bone
[x] Are/Been easily amused
[x] Caught a fish
[] Caught a butterfly
[x] Laughed so hard you cried
[X] Cried so hard you laughed
[] Mooned/Flashed someone
[] Had someone moon/flash you
total: 55

Level 13:
[x] Cheated on a test
[x] Forgotten someone's name
[] Slept naked
[X] French braided someones hair
[] Gone skinny dipping in a pool
[] Been kicked out of your house
[x] Rode a roller coaster
[x] Had a cavity
total: 60

Level 14:
[x] Been used
[x] Fell going up the stairs
[] Licked a cat
[x] Bitten someone
[x] Licked someone
[] Been shot at with a paint ball/bee bee gun
[] Flattened someones tires
[] Drove in a car until it ran out of gas
[x] Had five dollars or less and bought something
total: 65

Wow I guess I need to live a little bit more. O_o

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Friday, December 14, 2007

I got my wisdom teeth out today. They kinda hurt but I'm dealing with it. ^^

Remember that picture that I told you about? The one I drew for art? Well here it is!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Title: Who ever said you were the boss?
Mood: okay I guess
Time: 3:14 pm
Quote: I don't give A flying fish!

Well Things are going okay...I mean for a while they were going like crap. And I still haven't been able to fix it. But its gonna be all good. ^^


1) I got my kitty cat!!!!

2) Band is like a huge BA family

3) I guess I draw pretty well

4) I want a cookie *goes and gets one*

5) Grades (need I say more?)

Well I got my baby kitten. She's 9 weeks old. Her name is Dina but we call her Dina Cat. She is solid black and fuzzy. *so cute* But my boy cat (who weighs a freaking ton, because its winter) Doesn't like her.

The other day Tyler (a trombone player) Got into a fight. He didn't start it and he definatly didn't mean for it to happen. I believe he broke his nose. But As the day went by nearly everyone in band was mad because this stupid idiot broke Tyler's nose(he had his head beat into the table). So Just a lesson to the guy (who went to jail) Don't mess up a person from band because the band will mess you up. Its like another family of about 90 kids. Its pretty BA.

In art we were drawing self portraits. I finished mine and everyone said that it looked like me and it was really good and awesome. Just a lot of great compliments. I also think I made some people mad because I like to show it off. ^^

I have some really good grades. Finals are next week so I will see how it goes. T_T I have a higher grade in math then I do in Social Studies. Which is really weird because social studies is my strong point. ^^' I have a 92 A- in English. An 85 B in Math. And an 84 B in Social Studies. A 98 A in Art. 100 A in Gym and Band. And an 81 B- in Science. Which is pretty freaking cool.

We got our Chapter 5 geometry test back today. I got an 86 on it! And on my chapter 4 test I got a 94. So I've been doing pretty freaking well.

This friday I am getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. T_T And not only that but they aren't through all of the way and I have to get them surgically removed. T_T I hear that just having them pulled is painful so I bet that getting them surgically removed is going to suck.

Well other than what I've told you nothing new has happened.

Later Gator!

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