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I am Lexi-Su
and im a pretty cool kid

15 years of uber artistry.

My comebacks to anything you say to me
Will have to do with yer mom
or yer face.
But please, don't take them seriously.
unless i don't like you.
and if that's case,
Go play in traffic.
I hope you die.

My friends are the world to me,
And they will never know
exactly how much I love them
And how much I will miss them
Terribly in Virginia Beach.
Life would be a hella lot lamer
Without you guys by my side.

Don't try to understand me
Sometimes I even have trouble.

I fall in and out of love easily,
so if one day I tell you
"I love you."
the next day may be different.

I speak gangstur/skater
so sometimes i say
"Yo, dude!'
just reply.
no questions please.

Life is semi-sweet.
Like those chocolate chips
you use to bake cookies.
So treasure it.
Like you would that cookie.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm going to do my best to be able to post something on here everyday.
except possibly the next 2 weeks.
i will post as much as i can, though.
im going to be down in North Carolina because i miss my friends.
and we're gonna go to warped tour
[[hopefully lol]]

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