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Thursday, September 21, 2006

   Woooowwww I updateeedddd o-o
Yeah left for a long time. Waay too long.
Yah so now i'm in 8th grade, the workload is shitty and I have a report due on the 28th.
And i'm writing this from the local library because i'm not at home yet.
My latest obsession is Kingdom Hearts and Yaoi.
Wow. Shocker.
I need to start updating this thing more often to left you guys know i'm alive.
I've even grown about a half-inch! ^____^
And it's weird cause now i like this 7th grader. I don't even know his last name and I grade papers for his science class.
I'm helpless.
Remember those four kittens we were fostering?
We're keeping them. All of them.
So now there's 9 cats running arounf the house, a guide dog, and about 8 people.
One word that explains it all:

Gotta go because my times almost up.

-Ashleigh <3

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hey everybody!

I've been away from MyO for awhile, as you all know, taking care of kittens and such and doing art comissions for people on gaiaonline.

I have had about no spare time for other things and for this I am sorry. I'll seriously try and update more.

I have recently found out that I can color on openCanvas pretty well ^____^

I'm sorry to leave such a short post but I want to update you guys on my life.

-Ashleigh <3

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Thursday, July 6, 2006


I'm really sick! Not only is my throat still sore from losing my voice, I now have a sinus cold that leaves me sniffling and coughing the whole day.


But on the other hand, the kittens are becoming more playful and really warming up to human interaction.



The very cute kittens =w=

I'll update when I can because I have a lot to do with four kittens running aorund and countless chores. Along with a cold of course xD

*hugs and loves for all*

-Ashleigh <33

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Monday, July 3, 2006

   I am back!
Hello everyone at MyO!

I have not died!

I'm back from camp and I'm very happy.

I missed you all a lot.

I swear that when I get spare time I'll comment on everything I have missed, but at the moment my e-mails and IM's are clogging up rapidly at everyone's news that I have come back from camp.

And finally, at 2am, I have time to get done with replying to all of them and I have time to come on MyO and post and tell you all that I am back.

Being gone for one week and being put in the wilderness and having to work together with four other people my age as a partol, being taught different methods in the woods and to use our resources and many other things has changed me as a person for the better.

I met a bunch of people that I will never forget and I had somuch fun that I was sad when I left.I didn't want to leave all thepeople I had strong bonds with that whole week. I mean, through fights and disagreements and hardships, long hikes that tested us, my patrol and I got through it and so did countless others.

When I came home with my hiking gear, my pack, my stave, and my uniform I was so happy. I walked in the door of my house and saw my mom and hugged her so tight and I was so happy to be home. I started to cry but I was so happy.

One of my presents when I came home was four kittens that I am now going to foster for the rest of the summer.When I got o to the internet, my good friend Kyle made a vidoe of him playing a song I requested him to play for me and that blew me away to the point of m being in tears again.

I really feel stupid for admitting this but, when I was at camp I wondered if anyone missed me. It was weird because I didn't know if anyone was really sad that I was gone. But that all changed when I came home and saw my family and talked to my friends on the internet and the phone.

And I mean, yesterday I went to bed early and today I slept most of the day. I was worn out, and I still am but it the good way.

I'm glad to be back you guys.

Much love,


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   *humms along*
La la laaaa....

Doing better!


I drew a lot of random things today at my grandma's house. I'll scan them later and probably put them on MyO.

I went to my psychiatrist today and it's was cool.I got a perscription for my meds and stuff and three re-fills for it. I'm going to camp next week meaning the whole entire week. I'm sorry to have to leave for so long.


And I'm also sorry I haven't been updating.

Lots of stuff, I get side-tracked xD; I don't think I have time to comment on people's pages today or let alone the rest of the week. Again I'm deeply sorry. I have to get ready for camp and I have many things I have to do at home.

I hope everyone is doing well.


-Ashleigh <3

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