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Iím so beyond bored itís not even fun anymoreÖ oh man that rhymed!!
Har har har!!!

welpa anyways.. Iím a improving artist! As you can see from my drawings Iím better at girls than guysÖ I need a male modelÖ anybody up for it??
AhahahaÖ guess not. Obviously as you can see my favorite colors are red and black! Nummy!! I love txting ang boy do love sleep. Iím only 17 and soon to be 18!! Thatís when I get to go to COLLEGE!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love drawing but I canít do that for the rest of my lifeÖ I chose to be a forensic NURSE!

I can really say Iím the most random person I know and the most open!
Sign my gb and/or pm meÖ I will always reply when I can!
Also I donít mind doing those trade thingys!
I would love to draw from anotherís ideas!
Thatís if I am able to! Ahahahaha!!!
Okie okieÖ enough babbling!

Smile for me KITTIES!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

  no work today and nada to do. i have no life. other than watching movies with my friend (which i don't even know what to watch) my life consists of NADA! ahahaha...
i'm lame.
but anyways...
i gotta get new pictures up and new drawings. pooooop!!
i need internet access at home.
i'm trying to save up money for a laptop.
any opinions as to what i should get or not get??
i will be waiting on your answers....
but i go now...
i need to use the bathroom and get
a life...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i've been so tired lately that i'm falling behind in school!! i've missed aboiut 4 days of school within the past two weeks!... go me, i guess. OOOooh man and being sick just kills! i hate the hacking and coughing! i guess i should really give up smoking!! ahahaha... it would make my sickness go away much faster (i think). aaahh... i really don't feel like working today. it sucks bum!! but hey i need MOOLAH!! eheheee...
i really need to go make more friends...

hardy har har...

jong... out... for today...

also i'm going to try to put up more pictures! weeeeeeeee!!!


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Friday, February 15, 2008

welpa... i'm bored!!...
eating nothing but pixie sticks and smoking my ciggy wiggies!
i was wrote to some amazing people and my oh my did their artwork fascinate me!
hardy har har!!
so on my valentines i shared it with no ohter than my wuvly sister!!... although i bought the meal... i love her too too mch!! eheheee!!...

nummy fat american burgers...

blue- justice?
no way it's red...

ahahaha... i should go before i start
writing ridiculous things!

buh bye for now loves!!

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