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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ranting teim
=_= Right now Im in the foulest of moods. Monthy girly things are messing around with me like you wouldn't believe and my emotions are all over the place. I hate feeling like this... Ontop of that today is the last day my brother is home from his vacation and thats really upsetting... I wont see him again until May T_T And Im having girl problems =_= One of my friends admitted their love to me and I turned her down for various reasons and I thought she kinda moved on... but apparently not. And I got the whole, 'why can't you just try? Isn't it better to have tried and failed than to never know?' Which is kinda of the question of my life. I hate failing so much that I just don't really try. Thats why I never really went to a nice four year college or went anywhere in life. I still just have no direction. So yeah now thats really getting me down and I don't know what to do, or where to start... I feel so lost...
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow its been forever D=
Well, I wonder if anyone still comes to my site.... Probably not. Oh well Im going to write stuff anyways. ^.^

Well first off with a little rant. 2008 was the shittiest year of my life. I would rewind and redo the whole year if I could. So much awful stuff went down... epically towards the end of the year. But we all survived and now 2009 is already looking to be great!

Well over 2008 I've become a HUGE D&D nerd. Well not huge in like body size, but huge as in Im just really nerdy about it. Me and my party get togeather every Wednesday and play a game. Yes, we all took Weds off of work so we could play D&D. xP But honestly I have sooo much fun playing it! Right now I have three games going on. Panitari is my character in the first game. Shes my really adorable Cleric girl who is becoming avatar of the spirit world. My DM even made a privileged class for her. And she just rocks at what she does. My DM says shes the best Cleric hes ever seen.
Then my next character is Theo. And hes certainly something.... He is my first and so far only male character and he is ridiculously strong. This is because I challenged my DM to show me that dice isn't all chance and god did he prove me wrong. When I first rolled his stats they were very average and when he rolled them He rolled, 18, 18, 18, 15, 8, 18. Yeah thats right. He rolled 4 18s. For those who are actually reading this and don't know 18 is the highest you can roll. So yeah Theo is amazing. Hes a Fighter/Wilder. And hes just great at destroying things. Hes kinda like the big brother of the group. Someone gets in trouble they call big bro Theo to beat them up.
And my newest character is Miss Tourmaline Marmalade..... also known as Torri. Shes a Modern character which is like D&D but well... Modern. She is obsessed with comic books and loves super heros and is pretty much willing it so she becomes one. She fights with tonfas (my favorite weapon) And killed a T-Rex at only lv 5. Yeah it was crazy. I figured she was going to die anyways so I might as well go down fighting, but I ended up actually winning. It was awesome x3

Well okay D&D stuff is over now... What else to talk about? Well Im done with HCC now so now everyone is asking me what I'm going to do and I still don't know Dx I'm taking a semester off to try and figure it out. Right now I'm really leaning towards cosmetology school... Now that I've finally learned how to take care of my hair Im loving playing with it. Same thing with makeup. Now that I know how to put it on right I can't help but experiment with new things.

Well I guess thats it for now... Maybe I'll keep up with this journal....

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Angel reading!
Well I talked to the psychic lady a while ago... and she said some pretty interesting things...

She said that I have 4 guardian angels and that they are worried about my driving... I got a speeding ticket yesterday....Self fufilling prophesy? Maybe... but yea it happened and was kinda weird.

She also said like for my futrue she can see me like working with disabled children. I was like LOL WUT? I mean not like I have anything against disabled children, Im just not very paitent and have never really been interested in kids...

She did get some points like right on though... like how I need to prioitize and am too concentrated on having fun... Im like yeah thats me in a nut shell...

oh and she also says I have an angel that like cheats for me. XD I guess she said she was picking up that he like helped me know an answer to an essay question which is also kinda weird because I usually do like pull answers out of nowhere...

Im still not sure Im a believer but it was fun regardless!

Oh and I guess all four of my angels are dudes... I liked to imagine them like having personalitys.... I think it would make an amusing sitcom xD

And on another side note I'm going to start studying Indoneasian kung fu at Spirit of the Heart next thursday! The style is called Pouhkulon although Im not sure how its spelled..... but I'm going to work hard at it! ^_^b

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welp I guess its time to update this mother.

So Yesterday was the Gay prom. That was pretty fun ^_^ I dressed up like a guy and looked really snazzy. My friends Conner and Nate won prom King and Queen. Errr nothing really dramatic or horribly interesting happened though....

But then later we (meaning Dylan, Karly Jimmy and I) went to Ucon for spring weekend. Now that was interesting. We were like just listening to the stupid things people were saying and laughing. Some of my favorites were "NO! We are NOT...going to be hit by a car tonight." And "Yeah she still sells a lot of drugs to her students."

And yeah I had some to drink... >.> And by some I mean an entire bottle of Malibu and half a pint of Bicardi Limon....and a couple horribly painful shots of 151 Dx Eh heh heh... Yeah I was pretty drunk but I can handle my liquoir amazingly well. I had at least 3x what anyone else had and I was still in mostly control. I know my limit and know better than to cross it :P

Rum's Gone

Oh! And another thing! Tomorrow Im having a meeting with a psychic. I've always been sceptical about that sort of thing... but who can say anything for sure? So yeah Im kind of excited for what she has to say!

And burgers for dinner tonight! w00t !!!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Soooo Happy!!!!
Omg omg guiz! I'm soooo happy right now! Today was such an awesome day!!

It started off mildly crappy... I was running low on gas so I go to fill up with the gas can at my friends house (who I was picking up) and it spilled ALL over my hands. But I was not upset because then I saw some flowers blooming! :D And I LOVe the first flowers of spring. It makes me sOOO happy. Then I got a great parking spot at school. And my friend was like, today will be a good day. And oh man was he right.

The class that I was supposed to write a paper for and didn't was canceled. So I went to hang out with my friends and they had kittens ! Omg they were sooooo cute. I liked Mike, he was gray and puuuffy. So that was awesome, totally made me happy. Then I went back to the Anime Club place and me and Charlie were talking about Ska. And we diceded that it was time to skank. So we just started humming ska trumpet music and just started skankin' Then this girl came over like "I wanna skank too! Lemme get my laptop and we can get some music!" So she did and we were listening to Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake and Evil Axis and so we just started snakin' away! We taught Steven and Bridget how to skank too xD It was awesome.

So yea all in all it was a great day. The spring just makes me so happy ^_^

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