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Monday, November 19, 2007

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Thanks to all who encouraged me to not give up and what not. Its helped a lot. I'm feeling better ^^
After thinking about it a lot I decided that If I can't go to high school back in the MD then I can at least go to collage there. There might be a huge gap between me and my friends but oh well. Unfortunately I just learned that my Older brother stopped going to his collage classes about 2 months ago and is failing. He said he missed a few days and when he went back he thought everyone was staring at him -cough-Paranoia-cough-. And on top of all that he's started smoking. Im terribly worried about him, I'm mean jeez I take my mind off of one thing and then this comes up. And his poor Girlfriend..she's been so patient and is trying to help him through it but she's dealing with the whole smoking thing by making him give her one each time he smokes, She's hoping that he'll feel guilty about making her smoke but I know their both going to get hooked on it. Gosh if this doesn't send me into a deep depression nothing. will. Luckily I'm going to see him for thanks giving break and try and talk to him a bit.
-sigh- life is hectic Oh well just gotta keep pulling through, ne?
I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving break 83
Bye Bee
-boke <3

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