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Sunday, October 14, 2007

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mkay so time to hear about my Lurvly week. D:
The Thursday before last my Dad came over for a visit, and he stayed the whole weekend. He and I want to best buy and I got the My Sims game for the Wii, Dear god those little Sim people are unimaginably Cute! He went back home on Monday and I got all mad since I couldn't take him to the Air Port because of School. Ya know Columbus day used to be a day off..but now it isn't..Stupid Columbus had to give the Indians diseases and rape them D:
Then the Next Thursday I went tot he dentist. They really sucked..The dentist lady took the eval pick thing and scraped my teeth and I swear to God pieces of my tooth Flew into the air. And since I'm strange I had inner head mono log
inner head- I hate the sound of scrapping on teeth..it hurts to..at least a cool movie is on and OMIGEWD! Did a piece of a tooth just land on my nose?! What is she doing?!
(end head mono log)
Yeah that sucked, then on Friday i had to get a cat scan and so in the morning I had to drink this nasty Chalky stuff that made me Gag. Then They numbed my arm in the hospital with an Ice spray so when they put this needle thing in my arm it wouldn't hurt.But it still did D: And then during the scan they injected me with this stuff that made my whole body all hot and I couldn't Breath.
but the weekend got better cause I got to go Horse back riding with my Aunt Around Canyons and what not. My bum hurts so much cause the horse I was on kept taking off to catch up with my aunt since she was slow, though I didn't mind since I've been riding my whole life and Im used to it. But them I saw this thing out in the field that looked like a dead lion. So I was thinking "They have lions out here? No way it must be a Giant Jack rabbit" but then I remembered that there are Mountain Lions out here. I had lotsa fun.
Well I hope you all had a great weekend.
Bye Bee
The horrible Art to your Left is by me
Im to lazy to make it Prettier xD

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