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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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Mkay so so so this week has been smurftastic if I do say so myself, but i do have two more days to go << >> But any who, My friends and I had the strangest conversation at lunch and it went some thing like this
Me: My grandpa said he was looking up at the sky the other day and saw those jet lines, and then he was like, 'I bet if the Indians saw that they would throw all their Virgins into a fiery pit because they'd think it's a sign
Kat: what if he still did that today? Just burned our Virgins every time something weird happened?
Sarah: I think instead we'd just have them run up the mountain. It would be called the Virgin run!
Me:Yeah! and to entertain them while they ran there would be a guy playing a Banjo and signing on a plat form going up the mountain. "Run you Virgins ruuun~ Ruuun Ruuun~"
Kat: and then the non virgins would come running down the mountain With large spears. And Arnold Swartzinager (sp?) would run with them and shoot the Virgins!
Caroline: But you Couldn't run in it Boke.
Boke: D: fine then you guys would run and I'd help shoot you!
And that was pretty much it...I know were strange but oh well. Yeah but then after school my mom and her friend picked me up and we drove to this place real far out in the plains, where they were filming a Extreme Home Makeover thing. I got to see the Tai guy or whatever his name it. And were going to go there when they yell "Move that Bus!" I would take pictures and show em to you guys but I lost my Camera *Shakes fist*
Oh yeah to answer M.Armstongs question Sleep Apnea isn't really serious unless I stop breathing for a long time. And it makes me loose a lot of sleep so I'm real hard to wake up in the morning.
Well I hope y'all have a good rest of the week
Bye bee!

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