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Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Zomf What a Gackt sounding voice xD
Instead of music and a picture, we get a lurvly video today =P
Mkay so back from the anime con, Nan Desu Kan. I must admit though it wasn't as good as Otakon but it was okay..well until the last day. On Saturday I wondered around and took ALOT of pictures, went to a Happy Fun Time Show and then went to Karaoke. Then on Sunday I got up early so i could go to the autograph thingies, but i Didn't get up early enough and missed it D: Buuut then I got to go to a Q & A with Greg Ayres, which was awesome >3< I've been waiting to meet him, and I got a seat in the front row *Victory pose* I wanted to film it with my Camera so i went to my Bag to get it and guess what was missing -.- me Camera had poofed itself into nonexistences. I wanted to cry cause i couldn't find it but then the peopled would be all like "D'aaaawwwww....oh well nothing we can do, fa la la" but i held out. I felt so bad cause i took soo many pictures and recoreded a funny thing of Naruto, Kakashi, Zabuza, Haruhi Suzumiya, and soo many others, dancing to a Mario piano song xD and some funny Karaoke. Well..if any one does have the heart to turn it into lost and found then they said they'd call me. *sigh* Oh yeah and the whole way home God kept Taunting me with "Johns Camera Store" "50% off all Cameras!!" and I was like T_T...T___T...QAQ 'WHYYY?' oh well, At least I got some cool thingies in the Dealers room.
But I hope you all had nice weekends ^^ I'm off to visit sites and then watch the Emmies.
Bye Bee~

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