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Sunday, December 10, 2006


Wowers its almost Christmas! cant wait, im supposed to go to some ski lodge with my friends in a few weeks x3 so i'd be up there for christmas i guess o.o
grr im really mad at my brother, he broke our PS2 a month ago and wont let me replace it cause he says he's going to modify it. i really want to finish KH2
and i wanna play Katamari Damacy >.< i miss rolling up old people D:<
oh well patience is golden...or was it silence...uh..whatever! in stead of a quote i have a Video :3
Happy Holidays all!!
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oh joy

i got back from the anime con on sunday at midnight, so i didnt get any homework done :P but i accidently
left my cell phone charger in the hotel O.o
Anywho twas alot of fun ^-^ of course i was temari, and danm carry around that fan all day got annoying. lol but still...i went with my bro and a bunch of my friends. And my Bro decided to buy a Katamari damacy shirt that has the king of cosmos face on it and under it, it says "OBEY" its actually kinda creepy.
I also bought a Fruba mail carrier, Naruto and keroro gunso dolls, Ouran highschool (Manga), and a bunch of pins and cell phone stickers. Oh and Pocky never forget the pocky XP. I also got to meet Greg Ayres (finally!) lol i love him! well other then that, uh... yup wondered around, did kareoke (sp?) watch a bunch of anime, and listened to some annoying guy talk (alot!!) im mad at my self for not bringing my Camera >:[ but oh well.
Cant think of anything else to write, so thats all folks!

Quote and pic of the day:
"And what's the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge." - Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Goodbye Host Club :(

Alas, as you can tell my Host Club backround is gone. I loved it but it was so ditracting, when i tried to read something my eyes would wonder over to the Twins i couldnt take it!
Zou: oh yeah this one is less distracting psh!
Me: Quite you! but the bunny does scare me just a bit....oh well sucks to be me! getting off that subject...i cant wait till Friday cause im going to Anime USA, i decided to cosplay as Temari (time skip Temari that is)im finished with the costume, but im still putting some final touches onto the fan ^^ it looks pretty good so far. HarHarHar i found a funny vid and im gonna make you all watch it...well i cant really MAKE you but i can suggest it! i might of posted this before but i cant remember so here it is again! Enjoy and bya bya!

oh yes and the Qoute of the day!
"Cheese is like God only Pasturized" - a friend (Z)

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Renaissance Fun

i went to a Renaissance festival the other day. Oh boy what a crowd! i went with a bunch of my friends...they really forced me though. And one of them Was fully Dressed up, he looked like peter Pan O.o Did you every notice how much breast those old dresses show, jeez they kept taking my friend and shoving his head in their breast. which pissed me off so i threw an ice cream cone at one of them..oh and i almost got squished by an Elephant. i wasnt payin attention when i was about to ride it and wastn listen to the people around me screaming ^-^
i didnt know they had Elephants there back then! Ah and i saw a guy that looked just like the Burger King Man and it scared the crap outa me!
well thats pretty much it for that.....
oh i almost have 100 GB signs...almost...yay me *waves flag* oh dear its quite late now *yawns* i'll post again monday going to Arbutus for the weekend :3 nothing but training and Horse shows -.- okies bya bya alls

Quote and Pic of the day:
okay so there are two quote today i couldnt Resist!

" Im gonna go home , eat some yams , and fart till i pass out . " - Sashi from Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi .

" There's just something so Sci-fi about peeing into space ." - Also Sashi From MAgical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi .
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Friday, October 13, 2006

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Ello all..i finished my Beelzenef doll, i brought it into school and everyone tried to steal it. but then my science teacher snatched it and started hugging it going "awww its so Cuuute" so i was like " no its not cute its EVAAAAL" and she sat there staring at me and then instantly went back to hugging it..-.-
Well im pretty sad right now...when i came home the other day i found out my cat had died...i started to cry even though my friend was standing at the door (he walks home with me all the time)it was really more of my brothers cat though. But even so,that cat has been in my life since i was..well born..poor Oji-sama...( i call him that because he reminded me of meh grandpa and they both have the same name..Joe)
thats all for now

Quote of the day:
"Mass Production! Its Mass Production!"-Hikaru and Kaoru (Host Club) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Saturday, October 7, 2006

Host Club

i finally Decided to Watch Ouran High school Host club! but know im sad cause i just watched the last episode T_T but now i have to read the Manga, so theres still hope! i wonder if the peoples will make a season two though, i hope they do Mwhua then i could see Kaoru and Hikaru again YAY! i love those twins, they remind me of myself. Lol im Being Nekozawa for halloween this year i cant wait to make the Beelzenef puppet! weee its gonna be so much fun ^_^ welp thats all for now

Quote and Pic of the Day
"Its not Garbage, Its a Hamster Home"-Tamaki (ouran high school)
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Monday, September 25, 2006

Random RP part 2

Random Naruto RP continued

Naruto: Its a...a cat?
sakura: AWWW its so kawaii!! *walks over, pets it, and picks it up*
Sasuke: all that for nothing *sighs and puts his kunai away and sits back down*
Naruto: *walks over to pet it* aw kitty!
Cat: *bites narutos hand and growls at him*
Naruto: GAH you damn cat! *rubs hand*
Sakura: animals never do seem to like you Naruto
Naruto: *mumbles* then sasuke must be some sort of rat.
Sasuke: *glares at naruto*
Sakura: *shakes head and then looks back at the cat* well you can go now little guy *puts him on the ground*
Cat: *sits and stares at sakura*
Sakura: eh do you want to stay for awhile?
Naruto: NO! that thing is like satin rencarnated into a ball of fluff!
sasuke: Baka..if anyones is Satin then its you Naruto.
Naruto: You wanna say that again Cockatoo boy?!
Sasuke: you little sh-
Sakura: C-come on you guys lets get some rest!! heh heh
Naruto & Sasuke: Fine *both glare at each other*
~ They all go in their tent and sleep whoopie~
~cockadoodle its morning time!~
Naruto: *wakes up face to face with the cat* AHHH DEVIL SPAWN!!
Sasuke: shut up Narutard!
Sakura: *walks over and picks up the cat* Dont be Stupid Naruto! Hurry up and get dressed, Sasuke and i are both Ready to go. We even took the tent down.
Naruto: tent? *looks around* What the hell i was still sleeping!
Sasuke: well does it look like we care?
Naruto: Grrr....
Sakura: jeez your your so childish Naruto!
Naruto: EH what about Sasuke!!
Sakura: hmph..*turns to the cat* well we have to go now. be safe little guy *pats his head and then turns to Naruto* Hurry up
Naruto: OKAY im ready lets go!
Cat: *watches them walk down the road with a little kitty tear in his eye* miyu...
~A little ways down the road~
Naruto: im telling you that thing was evil!
Sakura: its not a thing it was a cat...well technechlly it was a thing..but..Grrr stupid Naruto!
Naruto: *stops* i think someone is behind us....
*they all turn to see the cat with a Kunai in its mouth*
Sasuke: *hits Naruto with his backpack* Shut up already!
Sakura: *walks over the the cat* oh we must of left this behind thanks kitty *she took the kunai while petting the cat and stuck it in her bag*
Cat: miyu! *runs past Sakura and heads towards Naruto* Miiiiiyyuuuu
Naruto: WTF O_o
Cat: *jumps up onto his shoulder and bites his ear and then jumps down and and does a running jump into sakura's arms* >:3
Naruto: AHHHHH Evil Cat!
Sasuke: *grins* oh poor wittle naruto were you bitten by deh scary kitty?
Naruto: GRRR SHUT UP!! *stomps down the road*
Sakura: *pets the cat* well i guess your coming with us for now *smiles and runs after Sasuke and Naruto*

~To be Continued~
gasp i have a whole storyline i wonder how long this RP will go on for o.o oh well
we'll see i guess
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random Rp

Well im bored so its random Rp time this Rp features...Naruto Peoples! yay

*Naruto Sakura and sasuke are all in Tsunade's office*
Tsunade: i have a mission for the three of you...its a B ranked mission. You'll be Retreiving something for an old man from a small village. i got very little information on this so you have to go to the village your selves and get the details...you three should be fine right
Sasuke: very little information...this sounds sus..
Sasuke: *glares at Naruto*
Sakura: i think we'll be fine
Sasuke: *Shrugs* whatever...
Tsunade: okay then heres a map it should help you get the the village..its small and practically unamed. So Good luck team!
Naruto *takes the map and runs out* yes finaly a mission!!
*sasuke and Sakura follow Naruto, they then split up and head to their houses to pack*
Naruto: *packing his bag* mission, mission, were on going on a mission! * finishes packing and then runs outside to the Village gates to find sasuke and sakura already there*
sakura: what took you so long Naruto?!
Sasuke: hmph.....
Naruto: grr whatever lets just go to that village already
Sakura: okay take out the map i wanna check it out
Naruto: i thought you had the map.....
Sasuke: you were the one running out with it screaming *dumb Naruto voice* "YES finally a MISSION!!"
Naruto: HEY i dont sound like that >.<
Sakura: What ever just look for the map..Baka
Naruto: *takes out his bag and starts looking through it* AH HA *pulls out the map which has been pierced with a shuriken* heh heh oppsie
Sakura: *grabs the map and pulls out the Shuriken* BAKA... *Opens and reads the map* okay i think i know where were going
Naruto: Then lets go Already!!
Sakura: okay then!
~ A few hours later ~

Naruto: how long have we been walking foor?
Sasuke: about 4 hours...
Sakura: well its getting dark so lets set up camp for the night....
Naruto: Yes Finally a break! *falls to gorund and sighs*
*they all set up a tent and sasuke starts a fire blah blah...*
~ All sitting around fire holding Marsh mellows over the fire (they have marsh mellows?)~
Naruto: im so tired *yawns and his marshmellow falls off the stick and into the fire* GAH DANM YOU!
Sasuke: keh baka..
Sakura: *holds up her marshmellow and starts eating, she then hears rustling in a bush* eh?
Sasuke: what was that....
Nartuo: *hears more rustling and Growling* O_O EHH?! *jumps up and hides behind Sakura* wh-what was that?!
~ the rustling gets louder and Louder, Sasuke Sakura and Naruto Stare at the bushes each with a kunai in their hand...well except for Naruto. Then suddenly It jumped from the Bushes~
Sakura: AHHH what is it?!
Sasuke: its..its
Naruto: ITS A..
~To be continued~

heres a comic just for fun ^-^
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Monday, September 18, 2006


my site is done with repairs ....for now yay though there are still some things i wanted to do but couldnt because i suck when it comes to computers X3 but anywho squee
i got the FMA movie the day it came out ^o^ my bro and i watched it together twas so awsomes
i also stayed up all night on saturday watching all the episodes of Azumanga Daioh XD i didnt wake up untill 4 P.M. the next morning.
oh yes and im going to Anime USA in november ^-^ im cosplaying as Osaka from Azumanga daioh yup
well naturally the quote of the day is from Azumanga Daioh

Quote of the Day:
Osaka: [ moving her eyes and head about] You know those tiny bubbles inside your eyes you sometimes catch? Yeah, I'm trackin' 'em down as we speak.
Kaorin: [dumbfounded] ... I see. Goooood luck with that.
-Azumanga Daioh

Icon/pic of the day:
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Saturday, August 26, 2006

oh dear

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Okies well for some reason meh comment thingy is messed up sorry for the inconvience (yes i know i spelled it wrong)
But unfortunalty i am also grounded so i cant fix it untill Saturday sorry again. and since im dumb when it comes to computers if you guys do have any advice on how to fix this problem then please message me! thankies all and sorry agian!
Forgive me T.T

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