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hi. this is kitsunelove. here's a little about me. i love tons of anime and manga, i hope to publish some of the stories im writing one day, im a girl in high school(and im STRIGHT! *sorry girls*) i can also kick butt, so bring it on! *chuckles* sorry that i dont put up my real name but to be frank, i just dont trust you guys (except bunny, mousy, okami and satan and no thats not as in the devil *weardos*) i hope to be able to put some of my own stuff up soon! thanks for stoppin' in!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ok so you know how i was on a mission to watch episodes on th internet? well NOW I CANT!!! the high speed for my computer suddenly stopped working and now im back to dial-up! AAAHHHHH!!!! NO MORE YOUTUBE!!!!! all i can do now is use onemanga.com to read manga nad fanfiction.net just for the randomness of it(mating frenzy.. ha ha ha. bunny you know what im talking about) but still, I NEEED MY ANIME!!! T_T
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   STUPID SCANNER!!!!!!!!!
ok, im kind of angsty right now. for one thing, my STUPID scanner wont work so i cant put any of my fan art up. the seconed thing is that the quizz i entered in i dont know how long ago STILL hasnt shown up.*fumes* sigh* ok, deep breaths.*inhails... exhails* ok.. i think im good now... STUPID SCANNER, WORK!!!!
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   thank god for the internet!
i love the internet... when it works right. i would be so apsolutly board with out it.your probably thinking "what the..." but there is a point to this rambling. i have resently set out on my own little mission to watch every episode first to last of some of my favorite anime.. and some new ones. im mean, dont you hate it when you start watching an anime on tv, but you end up missing a few weeks only to come back and find that your favorite character has died, the girl is falling for the wrong guy and all hell is braking lose. and all you can think is "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" you get completly lost because you just happened to miss some of the most important episodes in the series. this has happened so many times to me untill finally, a solution dawned on me. why watch it on tv when you can watch it online when ever you want, and for free! so now you understand why i love the internet! ^_^
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

   who is the best anime guy?
i personally like lots of different anime, so chosing a favorite guy is really hard. the first guy that comes too mind is L from Death Note. i mean seriously, hes pretty awsome. he's smart, likes candy and is just plain amazing! i almost stopped watching Death Note when they killed him. i actually cried! and i never cry!
another guy that comes to mind is kiba from naruto. naruto isnt my favorite anime but i still like it. kiba's not shown that much but hes still pretty cool. he has a dog! *points for kiba* and an awsome one at that. hes also smart, a little stubborn, and has some awsome moves!theres also SHIKAMARU!.. who is amazing is his IQ and laziness. hes so awsome!!!!! oh and how could i forget GAARA! you cant get much more amazing than that!
hmm... oh theres kyo from Fruits basket! i love the ones with anger issues! im not really a cat person, but i make an exception for him! hes so sweet even though he tries to hide it and very protectiove of the people he cares about. i like some of the other guys like momiji and hatori just because MOMIJI IS SO CUTE!... and hatori is just cool.
lets see. theres edward elric(not you bunny!) and roy mustang from FMA. (dont worry im not stealing roy from you, bunny, but you got to let him out of your closet*wink*).alchemists are hot! ^_^ and the metal limbs... are SWEET!
um... theres inu yasha (me* PUPPY CHAN!)(inu*stress mark* GRR WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!) (me*sighs* SIT BOY!) *thud*.... anyways...where was i.. oh yes.. PUPPY CHAN! as i said i love the anger management ones. come to think of it, him and kyo are really similar...
theres ichigo and renji from BLEACH. i love those two! *waves flag* soul reapers rock!

any ways thats not all of them but im sure you can see why i have such a hard time chosing one! give me some feed back on this. whos your favorite?

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Moon Dance (My Little Luna) *song/ lulaby* i wrote this too
Come little luna
My little luna
Come dance with me by the moonlight
See the moon rising
As the winds sighing
A melody for you to dance in the night

Twirl and sway
Like leaves in the rain
Sing with the moon as you dance so free

Hear the moon calling
While moonbeams are falling
On my litte luna
As she dances tonight

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The Girl With Broken Wings *song* (i wrote this)(its kind of sad, but IM NOT DEPRESSED!)
Long ive wished to spread my wings
but i am still earth bound
i long to soar through wind and storm
but my feet wont leave the ground

i long to fly high and free
to dance among the clouds
to rise upon a twilight breeze
but im chained to the ground

'cause my wings are broken
my wings are broken

A bird was never ment to be
bound down by earthly things
there born to rise upon the air
with the wind beneath there wings

but my winds are broken
my wings are broken

Long ive wished to spread my wings
but i am still earth bound
i long to fly high and free
but im chained to the ground

'cause my wings are broken
my wings are broken
my wings are broken
im chained to the ground

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