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Saturday, December 31, 2005

um, another update
so, um, yes, yet again i say hello. only to eventually say goodbye. see, i can be really poetic if i want. ur all prolly like "wtf? that's not poetic". and ur right. it's not. but if i said it was, then it is. so ha.

if you can't tell, i'm bored. and a lil bit paranoid. i keep hearing noises underneath the desk and i keep looking to see what it is, and there's nothing there. so, i'm just keeping my feet up, and turning the music up real loud.

starving.. i have been living off rice.... just rice.... ever since i cameback from florida... where the hell has lordsesshomaru gone.... pff....mou... i'm looking for an mp3, he would know where it is, the english version to "change the world" by V-6. hmmm.....

i have the world turned upside down stuck in my head... get out...

and now i say goodbye.

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