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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

um, agentyuki asked how Florida was scary... it was scary because of alot of reasons...

ever been to New Orleans? that's the weirdest place you'll ever find. strange people walk around there... strange people. . .

it stormed, and the storms there are really scary.. like there's so much lightening that it's right next to you. weird.

um, i don't think te people there really like me... i know definetly not the kids... they wouldn't listen to me.. i had to enforce my word using force. AKA picking them up and locking them in their rooms. . . they still didn't like me but i tried to explain that going outside to play at nine Pm wasn't the best idea in the world, but they still wouldn't listen. yeah...

anyways, i saw "cry wolf" and "the exorcism of emily rose". emily rose was pretty good actually, i enjoyed it. cry wolf was probably the worst movie i have ever seen, even the village was better than it. well bi now.

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