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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yes,I did. I survived the Warped Tour. I left my soul there. xP

The line was torture,I swear I died halfway there. I was half-dead. I was on the verge of passing out,my dad even considered not going in because of my condition but NO! I am willing to pass out to go to the Warped Tour.

The first band my friend and I checked out was this band called Farewell to Innoence,they're awesome! I love their EP,the lead singer gave my friend and I free copies and he let us take a picture with him and his shirtless-ness. Mmm. xP After that I heard FOB in the background so we went to the Bishop Stage to see them. They used Sugar We're Goin' Down as their opening song then I think Grand Theft Autumn came second. Then they said they were so excited to go to NJ that yesterday at the New York show that they kept calling them New Jersey. heh. I feel speshul. xP Next they sang Nobody Puts Baby in The Corner then I Slept With Someone from Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song. They sang about 2 or 3 other songs I didn't hear because I was still kind of dying from nearly passing out. xP

Next we checked out this other band called D.O.R.K. They were pretty good so we stayed to watch them. When we started walking away their guitarist/vocalist kind of grabbed our bags and said "Thanks for watching us,girls" and so we decided to get an autograph from him. Kendall has now claimed him because she thinks he's cute. xP He's not my type,he was pretty much as tall as me and that's pretty short and I like people taller than me. -.- But he did call me 'sweetie' Yet again I feel speshul. xP I shall scan his autograph sooner or later when my scanner's not acting like a bitch..

Next MCR! PWEEEE!I didn't meet MCR or get close to them but my cousin helped me see them,he let me piggyback on him. ^^ I luffle him. So no,I didn't feed him to drunk people because he helped me see MCR. Before it started some stage crew guy said "Now before MCR comes out I want you guys to say hi to the people around you!" I turned to my best friend and said "HI!" then he said "Now shake hands! These people are you friends now! And what to friends do?" I heard a few smart ass remarks from the crowd like "FRIENDS FUCK EACH OTHER!" I thought it was funny. Teehee. The stage crew guy said "Friends don't throw water bottles at each other!" and from that point on I didn't listen to what ever he said. xP It took a while before MCR came out,while waiting this girl next to me passed out. Eeep. -.- Then a cart passed through the crowd with water bottles at the back. Lots of people were stealing them,I took one and my cousin took 2. xP He was all "HEY PUT THOSE BACK!" but I don't think anyone did. xDD Then a bunch of people started screaming "OMG! MCR!" and clapping so I was like "PWEEEEEEEE YAYA OMG OMGOMG!" and all spastic xP They sang I'm Not Okay as their opening,I was soo damn happy. xP Someone threw a water bottle at me but I didn't notice for a while because I was in a state of overjoyed-ness..xDD "NEW JERSEY! THIS NEXT SONG IS FOR YOU! Heeeere cooomes the briiiiiiiiide all dressed whiiiiiiiite...He calls the mansion not a house but tomb he's always choking from the stench and the fume.." After that they sang Our Lady of Sorrows,Cemetery Drive,Give Em' Hell Kid. "I WANT ALL OF YOU TO TO SAY FUCK YEAH!" Some people had their middle fingers up (like moi. xP) and shouted "FUCK YEAH" "New Jersey,you motherfuckers have such filthy mouths! LOUDER! FUCK YEAH!" I swear,my ears nearly popped off the second time. -.- Ahh,the joy I got from seeing MCR. Mikey has sexy makeup on,mmm. xP

They played Helena last and my cousin was pretty much dying from my heaviness. I felt guilty but at leas I got to see MCR. MCR MCR MCR. -spazz- xP MCR was the last band we saw so then we went home. I wanted to stay a bit longer and go buy some MCR merchandise but my dad was on the brink of passing out so we didn't. On the way to our car some firemen sprayed us with their hoses. Damn,the Warped Tour was tiring. It's why I left my soul there. :)

Woah,I just noticed I got a cut on my leg. Heh,my first cut from a concert. I'm so happy. xP

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

   I'm Not O-Fucking-Kay!
My dad bought my brother 2 GunCon guns for PS2 and a few games to go with it. An now I'm addicted to the thing,I couldn't stop playing Vampire Night and Time Crisis 3. Though I horribly suck at each game,it's addicting! Of course,I never play alone. I always play with my cousin or brother in fear of losing the game by myself. Besides,it's much more fun playing with someone else.

I saw The Island 2 days ago,it was okay. I thought it was cute the way they didn't know what sex was and all. "Are these your friends? Where are all their clothes?" Heh. Movie wasn't shallow though,that's a big plus with me. I hate shallow movies. Speaking of movies,I'm declaring my love for Cillian Murphy. Yummy,he's been in 28 Days,Batman Begins,and the upcoming movie Red Eye. He is shexay,but my mom said he looks gay and wimpy. ;_;

18 more days until the Warped Tour! I'm so excited. SQUEEGEE! xD I want to meet Gerard,my lover. -dies-

Ah well I'm off to try and finished that damned Vampire Night game. I have yet to finished Level 2,this game's impossible,or my cousin and I just suck at this game very badly. xD

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   It's NOT A Fashion Statement!
I'm feeling much better than I did yesterday,I was just a little PO-ed at certain people. I don't think people remember me but oh well,I'm willing to start a new!

And of course I've got my little friend named Ritalin with me,oh ritalin how I love you! (psst,if you don't know what ritalin is you're missing out dude! xP)

I'm have to go to the dentist at 2 today,to get a cavity filled. Oh God,how I hate those things. They have to give me 2 painful shots of novacaine in my mouth. Ooouch. I also might get braces in the back of my mouth. Eeep!

At 4 I'm going shopping with my friends,pweee I'm off to go watch TV.

So Long && Goodnight

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Only 3 comments? I am so unloved. So send my love in a letterbomb!

I guess I'll be coming back to myO. Not fully sure about it since only 3 people seem to really care.

I feel real depressed right now,I feel like no body cares. :(

Off to read some Gantz..
So Long & Goodnight

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