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Hey! I'm a devoted manga/anime fan, though not entirely an otaku. I love Fruits Basket, BLEACH, Naruto, Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon, YuYu Hakusho, and almost anything (and everything) else!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

adopt your own virtual pet!

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   Hey hey hey!
Well, school's started and everything, so I'm not on that much anymore. But through these three weeks, I've become a rabid BoA fangirl. If you don't know BoA, she is a young Korean singer, who can speak fluent Japanese, fluent English, and sometimes sings opening themes and ending themes for anime! Well, I like rping, I just noticed, so if you want to rp, PM me. Okies? see ya bye

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

   My stupid sister's at it again...
Ally's just bugging me to do more so here goes...
Tohru Honda- Her ditziness is just too lovable!
Hiro Sohma- He's just so cute!
Riku Harada- I wish I could be like her.
Risa Harada- Normally I hate girly-girls, but this one? I'll make an exception.
Nami- She's cool! Oh yeah, did I forget to add One Piece to the Best animes?
Rika Nonaka- I love her personality in the end.
Elie- I think she's quirky, and funny.
Rin- She is just cute, cute, cute, cute.
Yusuke- Ally has a crush on him. Personally, I think he's all right.
Hiei- Even though he's just evil sometimes, I still like him.
Kurama- Who expected this? Girls, do you need an explanation?
Syaoran "Li"- I like both versions. The CS version is brash and funny, but Tsubasa's version is so sweet!
Asuka- She's so funny!
Rukia Kuchiki- I like her. She's a lot like me.
Cagalli Yula Atha- I like her for the same reason why I like Rukia.
Kanami- I wish I was as caring as her.
Kazuma- Umm...I don't know...
Chii- Just so clueless.
Raye- She is like fire, dude!
Lita- She's just funny.
Chitose- I think she's really cute.
Riza Hawkeye- Just really cool.
Wolfwood- I like him cuz I like him.
Umm...That's about it...NOT!!!! I am not going to write ANYMORE!!!! Bye.

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Well, there was an anime I forgot to add last time...AZUMANGA DAIOH!!!! I love it!!!! Well, my sister here is saying, "Now list you're favorite characters, huh? Huh?" And being so annoying that I'm gonna do it. So now shut up Ally.
Ed Elric- He is just the best! No doubt about it. No explanation needed for you FMA fans.
Al Elric- Have you seen those pics of when he was younger? CUTE!!!!
Chiyo Mihama- The cutie of AzuDai. Yukari-sensei calls her an "uber-cute, super-smart brat." I agree, but not the brat part.
Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga- It's just so cute and funny when she spaces out!
Kagura- Just so cool and athletic. Mind you, I'm not talking about Kagura Sohma.
Sakaki- Like Kagura, except more so. Well, not the part where Kagura is so dumb!!! Besides that, Kagura isn't that cool.
Uchiha Sasuke- "I'm an avenger." How can you resist that?
Hyuuga Hinata- Personally, I don't know why I like her, but I like her.
Sango- I think she's pretty, cool, and she kicks serious butt!
Hikari "Kari" Kamiya {Yagami}- She's just cool. And mature. Unlike the someone sitting next to me. coughALLYcough.
Tai Kamiya- I actually think he's pretty cute.
Oh well, the list goes on and on and I don't have the energy to list it...STOP HITTING ME ALLY!!!!! My stupid sister is hitting me to keep on going. Well, Later Days!

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   Just pretty bored...
Hello. First post. I'm Kayla. This is a list of all the animes I HATE! (Sorry for anime bashing):
Cowboy Bebop
Tokyo Mew Mew
Witch Hunter Robin
Tenchi Muyo
.hack//legend of the twilight bracelet
Peach Girl
Astro Boy
Okay, I don't know why I did that... Now, here are the best ones EVER
Fruits Basket
Cardcaptor Sakura
Rurouni Kenshin
Spirited Away
Wolf's Rain
Princess Mononoke
Laputa:Castle in the Sky
Rave Master
Fullmetal Alchemist
Neon Genesis Evangelion
etc... Sorry for not writing all of them, but I have a feeling that you don't have time/are sick and tired of reading what I have to say. Well, I'm doing good, except for all the crappy summer homework. Kayla Erika Hee-Eun Park is out.

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