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its Kirby!!! though i doubt many ppl here kno me by that so lets jus call me kris....i like fighting alot...alot alot.......and eating.....and obviously anime.....alot....i like sparring, knives, being strong, playing foot ball, hackey sack, eating, i like to please everyone sadly.......and i like hugs....lots of them.......i'm obsessed with journey to the west......i think i'm wierd....i think too much.....about everything.....so i get depressed occasionally.....i like pissin ppl offf and i love it when they hit me.......cuz it doesnt hurt and it makes them feel weak....and if it does hurt, i'll hit back..... my myspace account is here

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

was fuckin awesome!!! gorilla production's battle of the bands, artificial ghost ruled!!! tho they did not win.....they are bad ass!!!! you see, they have no vocalist, but when they play you can hear a voice singing, like whispering, its almost clear lol but yea check these guys out its my friend's band "artificial ghost" its like they have a ghost in the band lol also check out "death proof", yes its a band now lol o and "enter the void". not "through the void", "through the void" sucks. after the concert some of us went to ihop, i ate way too much tho.......2 full course meals.....
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

well i rise from the dead after a millenia
hey i havent been on in a almost 2 years!! i just finished reading all my old posts and reminissing over old memories, it was cool ummmmmm myspace is www.myspace.com/thecursedandfallen since my last post so much has gone on omg idk where to start.....so i'm not going to,
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Sunday, September 30, 2007

   tremont was fun tonight!!!!!
everyone ad an awesome time, i'm tight with a bunch of bands and stuff, met new ppl as always......but i still wished ariana was with me.....i love her ><
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