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Nihao!!! Thank you for visiting my site! ^_^Feel free to IM me or something, because I like to make new friends and I get bored ^^'

Yay! That's me! heh heh

Monday, January 8, 2007

   On second thought...

Kokutan and I just gont done talking, and we decided to start out fresh, with new accounts.
My new account will be:

Nove Aurora

I hope to see some of my old friends commenting and PMing me~!

Good bye, Kiri-Ookami account!
I'll miss you...

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It's been too long!
I think I should start posting agian.
I've been too obsessed with Gaia, and every time I try to get into something new [[or old]], I completely forget about it [[again]] because of Gaia.
Kokutan [[That's Silverleaf]] and I may start posting again.
Won't that be fun?
Both of us have matured and grown older, and we are no longer "n00bs" or anything else like that, so I supose it will be eisier to get into this and gain new frineds.
Because of my current hyper state, I can't prosses anything that I am typing right now, so I should probaly go...
I'll make Myo my homepage for IE [[Firefox os strictly for Gaia use only, because of the Gaia bar...]] so hopefully I'll remember to post~!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Nya haha!

Yay! A 3 day weekend! OMG! Yesterday, I drew the best wolf that I have ever drawn! It didn't look like a cow/pig/eliphant/deformed thing! I still can't draw paws though...
For my painting project for art class, I'm gonna do multi-colored penguins! Dun that sound fun!? It's kawaii! *^.^*

After school on thursday, I was teaching my art teacher, Frassa (as I call him), Japanese. I taught him how to say pig's grunting (buubuu), teacher (sensei), brain (no), stupid/idiot (baka), and $h*t (can't tell ya cuz it's a bad word) heh heh... It was really funny.

So I bought a DS (still almost new) off my brother for $40, and he even trough in the Mario (he's sooo cool! I like Yoshi! lol) game! I think I told ya guys this already... oh well! ~^.^~

I have gym class this semester in school... I am not good at sports, so I dun like P.E. My friend Rachel and I are going to make a statement by wearing teo socks to gym every day. Are uniforms are balck and grey, so we wanted to make them more colorful, but they won't let us mark on them. ~T.T~

I'm in a good mood today, so sorrys if my nonsense is annoying. I do that when I'm hyper...


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


So I was playing gameboy on the sofa and my brother Jeremy walks out and says: 'You still play gameboy? That's for little kids.' and so I ask 'Well then if that's the case, can i have your DS because you are obviously too mature to be playing it?' and he says 'no'. So I'm sittin' there thinkin' 'Why does he want it if he's too old for it?' and I ask 'Why?' He replys: 'because when I get old I want to sell all my games.' And I told him I'd give him $40 for it. he all agrees and even throws in the Mario game that it came with! And his DS is almost new! He's maybe played it 3 times! I'm so happy! ~T.T~ *Tears of joy*

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