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hi I'm kira. I'm 13 years old. my Best Buddies in the world is Brit-brat wolf,BT,Tahly,Iceburge, Sango, Click, Hybred,Hi-san, and any one else who is on my friends list. If any one and i mean ANYONE who needs to talk come to me. I'm an easy going artist. I love wolves, art, vedio games, and having good friends around.
~Kira thewolf~

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hey guys, It's finally December! You now what sucks, in PA we have this HUGE mass of icey rain coming our way. I like the rain, and I like the snow but when they are together it's just crappy. My Shetland sheep dog, Moss-Man Is like "YES!!" and Chibi, my little Pom- Min Pin mix is like "No!" I think I'm going have to get her a jaket. *shivers at thought*

Any way, seeing as it's only alittle ways from X-mas I'm going to try and make Chirstmas gifts for my buds. If some are after X-mas I'm really sorry (they might not be Christmas related cause I suck at snow.)

Chirstmas gifts :

~Angel wolf -(thinking)
~Hybred -(thinking)
~Brit -(already have it)
~BT -(coloring)
~Rabid -(Sketching)
~Maroon -(thinking)
~Clickers -(thinking)
~Slushy -(coloring)
~Nat -(coloring)
~Jordan -(thinking)
~Lare -(thinking)
~Shadow -(thinking)
~Lakota -(thinking)
~Anjera -(thinking)
~Tahly -(thinking)

I'm going to send these the week Of my X-mas break or when I get back from break if they are late (lots of scaning and drawing)

~If you want these in the orginal copy I'll send them free of charge~


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