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Well welcome to my look up. It's not much but it'll continuously change. Well i enjoy writing and I'm a very good writer i can have some people tell you. I've been told i have infinite anime knowledge which i know is untrue because the people i know barely know anything. True Tales of Symphonia fan.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

amv i made

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

   Weird e-mail
Parts War

Welcome to the parts wars! Fan of the manga/anime airgear and wished you could participate in your very own parts wars? Well wait no more! Sure our current tech lacks that of Air Trecks but what’s stopping you from preparing yourselves from when our technology does catch up?
Teams are to be comprised of a minimum of five members and require a team emblem to be held by the team leader. A team will also require markers to mark the teams territory from they point of their creation to any areas they’ve aquired by defeating local teams and taking their emblems.

A teams ranks will be first decided by number of consecutive victories when the wars begin.
1-10 victories = F class
11-20 victories = E class
21-30 victories = D class
31-40 victories = C class
41-50 victories = B class
51-60 victories = A class
After a set time this way of ranking will be invalid! The only way to rank up after that is just three consecutive victories against other teams of their same rank in a row seeing as how when this time comes around teams will have significantly grown in size and ability. Or to level up instantly the team must defeat a team one rank higher than yours. However even if you collect a mass number of medals of teams a lower rank than yours you can’t rank up. Just so you know, when this time comes you must bet emblems. You lose the team emblem and the team is disbanded.
Rank Battles: These are rank assigned battles. A team can only compete in battles of their rank! Unless a higher ranked team is being challenged by a lower ranked team then the higher ranked team must compete in a battle of the other teams rank.
• "Dash": These are F-Class battles wherein a representative from both teams race against each other along a set course. Riders can claim victory by clearing the course first, or by knocking the other from the course.
• "Hurdle": These are E-Class battles where the object is to retrieve the item at the goal, while clearing obstacles such as buildings.
• "Cube": These are D-Class battles which pits Riders in one-on-one fights in separate areas.
• "Air": These are C-Class battles where the object is to knock off the opposing team while standing atop poles.
• "Disk": These are B-Class battles where a disk keeper must try to score points by advancing into the opposing side's goal while the opposing side defends and attempts to capture the disk.
• "Balloon": These are A-Class battles where the objective is to retrieve the emblems from within a balloon. This is a five-on-five team match with each teammate performing a specific role: The "panther" chases the balloon, the "decoy" lures enemies away, the "ultimate" is responsible for fighting and disarming the enemy, the "middle" assists the others and the "keeper" stops enemies before they grab the goal. All this while following the balloon.

kinda strange...but it seems interesting. It seems it was forwarded to a lot of people. Anyone else know anything?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Video!!! Watch! Enjoy! Comment!

Sweet I got a video here!!!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

stupid youtube!
Youtube is so gay now! Itdeleted my amvs for no good reason! I see a ton of other amvs on youtube but they delete mine of all people! I should spam the amvs back to the sight until they post them
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

   TWO AMV'S BY ME!!! Watch it!!! Comment!!! Tell other people!!!


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