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Hi, i'm a major otaku with a lot of favorite animes and manga. i just can't live without them! sign my guestbook and i'll sign yours.

D. Gray-Man op 3

Friday, October 12, 2007

Band comp. tomarrow!!!!

i have a band competiton tomarrow. i'm excited, but yet i can wait. i'm afriad i'll mess up.

The girl i like... yet that i feel that i love her, gets stalker letters!!! not from me,but from anotther guy, i hope,. its really crepy. i think i know who it is, but i don't want to say anything just in case. i think that the stalker is this other guy in band, he plays the claranet. that guy is always drapping his arm around her and is always following her. she says she's going to tell him off, but i don't think that she's gotten to it yet.

thats all for today, wish me luck at the band competition. (i'll be home at midnight)

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Its been a long while.

its been a long time since i posted. i don't know why i haven't posted in a while. its makes me feel really bad. i'm trying to have pm conversations with everyone i can.

i have a myspace now. i don't like it all that much. i don't know why people are all over it. its not as fun as the otaku. if you want to find me my display name is Haji. my name is Haji Saya. my e-mail is martin3173@att.net (not my real name).

i have my first band comp. this Saturday at Fresno State Uneiversity. if anyone is going to go also, pm me and i'll tell you my school's name so you can see me march.

i've finished watching Blood+ on the internet. i liked it. i thought that it was the best series i had watched in a long time.

I've fallen for this girl, but i don't know if she likes me or not. i want to ask her out ,but i don't really want to be rejected. i guess its all in life.

D. Gray-man op 3 came out. so in celebration. my next theme will be D. Gray-man. ceck out the third op song and video on top of the screen.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life could be better.

things could not get worse... *sigh* things have been rough latly. first, my dad is all mad at me because i have lots of homework and i can't practice my guitar. he'll rather me to get an F then to stop playing. what kind of Father says that!!! i don't even like playing the guitar, but if i quit then all the new friends i made there would be gone (we all go to different schools) i don't want to lose it.

Sometimes i think me dad is going to throw out all my manga. i don't know why. i try to avoid talking to him, but he always askes me questionss and i don't want to say the wrong things that would get him ticked off. its scary really.

right now in band we are learning the drill. its pretty fun. its a little difficult, but i can do it. in thebegging i marc backwards then sideways. then backwards and them forward. and all this other stuff. its pretty fun really.

i thank all who sign my gb. i really aprreciate it. i now have 30 signings!!!! i'm really grateful. i'm sory i haven't been on latly. i've been really busy.

i have to go now. i'll tery to visit your sites, but i have to get off the computer when my dad comes home or i'll get yelled at.

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Monday, September 3, 2007


so, not much has happened since the last time i posted. OH! i got a new car. well... i actually my mom's car, but its still new.

yesterday, my family went to some town to go look for a car. we find one we like, but we hate the color. we ask for a whilte one and they don't have one. so, we have to wait the whole day waiting for the car to arrive, for them to show it to us, and for them o clean it. the only good thing was that they paied for our lunch. so, my whole sunday went by very slow, and i wish my weekend was longe, and it is because i have no school today!!!!!!

the way back was really fun because my cousin, and aunts came to pick us up and i ad fun on the way back home. we then went to Dennies because everyone was starving! it was the best Sunday in a long time.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

i've been tagged...

1. Post these rules.
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 or more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to there page and leave a comment telling them there tagged

Okay... let the torture begin.

1)i have no more feelings for the girls i onced liked.

2)i'm a big nerd... seriously.

3)i hate to dance, unless in the privacy of my own bedroom.

4)i'm in the school band and its very fun.

5)i feel alone and insecure at times.

6)i feel like no one wants me around most of the time.

7)i DON'T beleive in best friends!

8)i wish i wouldn't think of what i usually think of most of the time.


Well there you have it... my tagged list.


i'm really sorry i haven't posted in a really long time!!!! i've been... sortof busy. i'm very sorry to all those who i have missed the last.... ummm... i don't even know when i was last on. So, for fun, i'm going to change my site's theme!!! i hope everyone enjoys the new theme.

School has begun again. i lost some old friends that i had last year, but i seemed to have made new ones at the same time. i've made guy named Daniel, hes nice, and i have acousin who likes him. i found a whole bunch of anime fans at my school, but there just way too strabge for me (i may be strange, but these people are beyond strange.

next Friday i have my first Football game. i'm not going to be playing in it, but i am going to play in the half time show, so i'm excited about that.

In English right now, we are reading "Of Mice and Men." i like it so far, but everyone says that its really sad.

Today i had a Mariachi Performance, and it was the saddest one ever. five people from the group played for an old woman who was dieing, and the last thing she wanted to hear is a mariachi group. during the performance my eyes kept watering, and i could feel boogers start to run down my nose. i was sad, because the old woman looks just like my late Grandmother. the same clothes she wore when she died, hair, everything. i didn't want to go, but now i'm really happy i did.

thats mostly all i did the last... umm... i can't really remember. i'm very sorry i haven't been on in a long time, but i'll try my hardest to visit all of your sites. i hope you like the new theme.

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