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I have added some of my drawings so PLEASE see them and COMMENT you don't have to like them just comment!!

Yay the day has finally come and my FABULOUS avatar is here!!! BTW All credit goes to MOMO LOVE for her Fabulous work !!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

i'm not really liking the new otaku but i hope they some how make it better, if they don't that is going to be CRAP!!!
i mean the only reason SOME people are on here is to EASILY see their friends art and to just make new friends around the world!!
grrr, oh well no reason to bother with things you can't change!!

If anyone is out there... HI ^____^.... TT____TT

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Friday, February 22, 2008

well i was looking through all my pictures today and i thought i should take the time and scan my fanart!! and i DID!!!! heheh but then while trying to submit then... they were TOO BIG!!!! oh NOO!!! so tomorrow i'll try and make them smaller i can't be bothered to do it now so i'll do it then!!

The reason i was doing all this was because i FINALLY put up my photoframes!! YAY ME ^___^ heheh
but now i have to get the photos and put them in my frames ... it took long enough time just PUTTING UP the frames hehe that was BAD!!! oh well it done now and apart from them all being crokked it looks alright!!

1)Do you have any photo frames in your room??
2)Are you photo-genic??
3)Do you like ELMO????

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures and Random
.. i'm sorry people but my scanner won't work (plus i can't be bother fixing it) so my stupid little picture shall not put onto the O...
oh and while i'm at it, i can't put the pics up of me and my family as the flinstones...


but to relieve you of your sorrow, i shall try to remeber a funny story/event that envolves me...

i'm sorry i can't remember one, but i'll try to next time, SO EVERYONE can laugh at how stupid and random i can be!!!....
oh there was my last biology lesson. I was REALLY tired and couldn't wai to go home and our teacher just kept asking questions and NOONE in the class would answaer them soo... i just start shouting out random words that HAPPEN to be right... and then there was the PURPLE reaction that went on for a while... all i kept saying was PURPLE for the same question... it wasn't the EXACT right answear but it was the only part i knew!!! hehe

anyway, for my next post i shall delve into my horrible memory and try to remeber something as hilarious as EVIL BUTTERFLY!!!

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