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iam from kuwait..20 years old* yupiii*.. i love cartoons specially animes & mangas, in kuwait .. rarely i can find somebody loves the cartoons.. they saw it as children's things!! i study arts , 2 become a teacher^_^..... i love reading,walking,shopping& drawing ofcourse...ummmm this is VERY MUCH IT.

oh don't forget 2 take a look on my fanart, and on ur way sign my g.b as well ^__^
i love 2 had as many freinds as passible.. and ur welcome in anytime 2 chat with me or if u need anything , i'll help u if i could..

Friday, November 18, 2005

hi all ppl from all over the world..
it has been along time since i came here !!
i don't have anything 2 say or 2 add , just that i had exams these days and lots of work 2 finish in such a short time !! ( it scares me ) ... anyway i thank every one who asked about me..
its a boring post i know :(
ummmm love ya

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

   long week!!
it was a bussy week. i went 2 college this sat, so i had so much 2 do, so much 2 study, so much 2 read and so0o0o0o much 2 WATCH !

lol.. yeah i bought a lot of anime's dvd.. (bleach, 3x3 eyes, fruit basket, fushigi yuugi, flcl, plz twins, vampire princess miyu, his and her ...)

i don't have time 2 watch them all, iam broke , but it feels good ^__^ * crowls on her knees and beg her perants 4 money with a big eyes .. but no use*

its a fast mounth (ramadan) , so its really exhausting 2 go 2 college from 8 to 5 pm allmost every day and with out eating .. MAN! but we all love this mounth :D

so don't complain about not being around here.. love u all, and hope u r all good and happy.

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

i found a place which sell anime dvd * yaaaay jumps around *
so0o0o.. i thought u can help me which anime should i buy??
ur favourate or the best !!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

   what is ur most fears??
i know that i didn't post 4 a while.. its just nothing new happend in my life !
today i went 2 the dentist , iam not afraid from him o.o
i stayed 1and half an hour opening my mouth.. and he kept telling me 2 open it wider ._.
any way i don't like 2 tell stories about me with out asking u stuff.. so the question of today is (( what is the most thing u fear from it?))
about me 2 lose some1 i love is my wort fear :~~(

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

   i just wanna talk thats all .. :D
hi all..

iam really feeling down the past 3 days, i don't wanna draw 4 this site any more.. maybe i'll check other's art, but me .. it's enouff :/

i feel what ever i draw or how much perfect or nice my drawing comes, only few friends of mine come and comment or vote!!

i hate dat.. sooo i don't need 2 do this any more, i really wanted 2 delete my account..o.o, but i thought ' well my true friends don't deserve dat from me' so i desided not 2 draw!!!!!

thats all i love u all guys and wish 2 u a happy days , and good marks ^__~ at skool, and great friendshep... :*

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