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Monday, June 16, 2014

Oh Lawdy
It is honestly sad to see this site start to die down. It's been what? 7 years about since I joined.

I miss all the fun and all the people I knew way back when. It was definitely a friendly environment and I enjoyed every last one of you guys.

I wonder if any of you guys still get on? ._.

Basically, I'm trying my best to get myself settled as an adult (even though I'm only 19). It's definitely difficult but I believe that with the help of my fantastically wonderful boyfriend, I can accomplish just about anything. He definitely is my motivation to move forward.

If things keep going as wonderfully as they are, I could honestly see myself marrying this man later on down the line. Wishful thinking, don't ya think? cx

Anywho. I don't get on much of anything anymore so if anyone reads this, and you happen to be a gamer... find me on xbl or PSN

XBL GT: Kimberly cx

See you all!!

-Kimberly (Kiba)

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Friday, April 13, 2012

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