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My Name is Kiara. I am 17. I am a anime freak and a serious Pervert that loves Hentai. I am a writer, singer and an artist.
I have written a LONG story that is so far over 500 pages long. I hope to turn my story in as a comic, a book and a anime T.V show when it is finished.

Random stuff about me

My favorite Colors are Red, Black and Purplr. My favorite Food is Chinese foods. My favorite drink is Mountain Dew. My favorite Anime is...well ALL of them.
I am a French, Canadian, American, European, German and Russian also i am cherokee and Patowonmi Indian. I was born on july 11th 1988 in Michigan. My dream is to Go to Japan and learn things there and to become the BEST animist in AMERICA... I am a goth.. and a witch through Blood.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

   anime...That I love.
Anime is a awesome thing...
I love... in the above animes the most...

1- Inuyasha.
2- YuYu Hakusho
3- Full metal Alechmist
4- Full Metal Panic.
5- Naruto
6- Sailor Moon
7- Tenchi Muyo
8- Chobits
9- Maico 2010
10- S-cry-ed
11- Samaurai Champloo
12- Rurouni Kenshin
13- Angel Sanctuary
14- DN Angel
15- Witch Hunter Robin
16- Yu-gi-oh
17- Monster Ranchers
18- Tiki Telson.
19- Fortune Quest
20- DBZ
22- Ghost in the shell
23- Wolf Rain
24-Real Bout High School
25- Dragon half
26- Oh my goddess
27- Escflowne
28- Digimon
29- Ranma 1/2
30- .hack//sign

well thats for the main ones. They arent all in that order... If you want to announce your favorite Animes go right on a head. I am always opened to hearing ones favorite animes..


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