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i play world of warcraft and i have a sheezyart account if u want ne of my info let me know....however you do that ne way

Monday, November 12, 2007

my story
eh i changed my mind im postin story on quizzila my name on there is iluvhinata if u want 2 check it out

Friday, November 2, 2007

   i right random stories
char.-personalities based on my froends from wow-erris, tacashi (tah-cah-she),attch,bruman,violentman,moon,jana. only erris and vman have a relationship,and tacashi=me
tacashi:-yawn- mornin everyone
tacashi:wheres attch and moon?
erris:attch went 2 get more coffei......I WISH HE'D HURRY UP!!
vman:i thing moon is still asleep
tacashi:>=-D yay
erris:what are you planning?
vman:hes gunnu stab you if you mess wit him you know that right?

so thats it 4 now i'll probly post a new page each time i get on per day so yea if u dont like it after it gets gonin then ok