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Hey, welcome to my site! My name is KeybladeGurl. Haha, jk jk!! Yea, thatís just my name on here. My real name is Karie. My really good friends call me Sora or Axel because they are my favorite Kingdom Hearts characters! Axel is my all-time favorite though. I have all the games and Iím totally addicted to them!

When Iím playing them I like to drink Dr. Pepper the best drink in the world. I listen to country/oldies. Yea, Iím kinda weird but I heard that weird people are on this site so I had to make a name! ^.~ My favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

My favorite colors are yellow and black. Lets see, I donít really like much animeÖthe only one I really likeÖokay the only one I watch and read is FullMetal Alchemist and I donít really give any other anime a chance. I have all the mangas of FMA that have come out and I have all the episodes and the movie.
Whoís my favorite character from it?? Oh easy!!
Havoc! Heís the best.

I guess thatís all about meÖumÖsign my guestbook, comment when you can, and add me and Iíll do the same! PM me sometime too!!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

figured it out
Hi, I just figured out how to add a post. The might sound really weird and stupid but I'm pretty new and it was hard for me to figure out. So, how is everyone? I'm pretty good...except for a friend thats not really my friend she just thinks I'm her friend. Okay, she is fat, smells, sucks at singing, and all that stuff! I dont' like her but I might as well tell her I do, right? I mean, if I tell her I don't like her won't it hurt her? So help me. Should I tell her I don't want to be her friend/I don't like her or keep predinding I'm her friend and hope she never finds out what I really think?
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