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Monday, November 27, 2006

   Alright, this'll be the last post for a while, but at the same time, it'll be the last time you here me complain about school work until well into next semester. Between tomorrow (Monday) and the following Monday, I've got four essays to write between now and then, Wednesday I've got a lab notebook to turn in (thankfully its practically done) and a big final for that lab. Then Thursday I've got my last term paper of the semester due in statistical climatology, but there is also a test in my stats class on Thursday, and the crappy part is I don't know anything about stats. I'm inches from going into full blown panic, but I'm not going over that edge, yet... I've got coffee hooked up to an I.V. machine, I've got long fingernails perfect for chewing, and I've got plenty of energy stored up from thanksgiving.

So in the immortal words of Val Kilmer portraying Doc Holiday from the movie Tombstone...

I'm your huckleberry

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Monday, November 20, 2006

   Two days
Alright, its just two more days until I'm back home, and then I get to play some more Final Fantasy XII, I purposely left it at home the last time I was there so I wouldn't be playing it all the time and I could get more work done here.

So for the majority of last few weeks I have written like a furious wind, and have finished everything I had to, now I've just got one more "little" paper to finish up and then the sky is the limit. Which is good cause quite frankly I'm tired of complaining about it all.

After Thanksgiving we've got one more week of school, then finals, which will be done for me by December 4th, after that I'm free till January.
I'm thinking of starting an intensive training regiment during that time, cause during may hellish couple of months here I haven't had a lot of time for anything that could pass for exercise. I'm thinking of a Spartan style of training, with the exception of being naked while I do it, mostly cause its winter though. I'm thinking lots of running and weight lifting, and hey anything anyone suggests I'm up for (possibly).

Anywho I'm done ranting for tonight, see you people later.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To the sky.
I live... but I'm hurting, I'm not even finished yet, but I'm pretty well exhausted. I typed like a fury for quite a bit, then I went and got some more fossils, but it rained on us while we were out looking for them, and I got pretty well muddy, it was funny Josh dropped me off in the parking lot behind our building and you could trail me straight to the lab, Anywho, I've gotta finish up those fossils or I'm gonna go insane, which just about happened, I was strung pretty tight earlier, I had to just stop for a minute and walk away. ok back to work....
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.
Things are looking grim on the southern front troops... I've got two lab reports due wednesday (not to mention that I've still got to finish the labs themselves, before I can do the complete write up) and I'm susposed to have my fossil collection identified by wednesday too, I mean come on they all look like oyster shells to me, its not like anyone has actually showed us how to identify them, they just give us handouts with crappy pictures. *despairs*

To top it all off my roommate is talking about going to Tuscaloosa tomorrow, and I do want to go, its only a few hours from here, but it would SEVERELY hamper any chances I have of actually finishing this crap on time... *despairs again*

Oh well I guess I'll do some more work before I crash for the night... *despairs et final*

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Monday, November 13, 2006

El mucho amounts of work ahead this week, I'm not looking forward to any of it. Boston has really screwed me over. But I'm partially to blame too, I spent the weekend playing Final Fantasy XII, but I had no intentions of doing anything this weekend, after that paper last week, I was mentally and morally drained. But now I'm back in a fighting mood, so I ought to be able to get through this crap soon, anywho that's the quick update for the day.
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Thursday, November 9, 2006

   Paper Nearly Done...
Need much sleep...
Can't make sentences properly...

Ok I've typed up everything with the exception of a little table, and I'm in the process of scanning in my figures. Soon my precious, very soon... Oh sorry, I'm kinda phasing out now, I sat in the library most of the night typing this thing up, and another guy was in there working on his, we went and got some coffee, and this stuff was Columbian strong, I tell you what. We were wired for pretty much the whole night. (warning pg-13 area ahead) But I got back here a few minutes ago and took a piss, and it smelled like I was grinding coffee. So I'm kinda crashing now, and I've still got a bit of work ahead of me. Plus I've got the field trip to Vicksburg in the morning, which leaves at 6:30. And that means I've gotta get up around five to meet people for breakfast before hand. So no rest for the wicked. Alright I'm gonna get to bed now, or at least soon (I hope)........

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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   Argh my back hurts, bad posture isn't so bad until you spend hours typing away at a paper like sysiphus and his rock. I don't have a whole lot left to do for it, so I hope it won't take too much longer. Its not due till Thursday, but we're going on a field trip Thursday, so I've gotta finish it before I go to bed tomorrow night or I won't get a chance before its due, so its crunch time.

Hmm ok now for another boston related story. While touring the area we saw the USS Constitution which is the oldest US warship (I think) and right next to it was a modern british destroyer, the HMS Chatnam. So today we were telling our british teacher about it, and Cale says he thinks we captured it. I said yeah I think the Constitution captured it, he laughed and gave us all mean looks.

Anywho I'm gonna need sleep soon, bye folks.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

   Well today was pretty much a bust. I had planned on working on my research paper pretty much all day, but I didn't quite get to it, so it looks like I'm gonna be doing some major amounts of work tomorrow.

Alright Boston story time. Tuesday night (haloween) me, Cale and Josh were all sitting at the bar, and as we were leaving (the bar had closed) we met a guy and his girlfriend outside, they were dressed as a doctor and a nurse. So me and Josh were talking to the guy and I look over and Cale has his arm around the guy's girlfriend, he was just playing around, he wasn't hitting on her or anything. So the doc tells him "If you wanna keep that arm, you'll take it off" Cale just stands there staring at him, So the guy goes "You think I'm joking?!" So Cale walks right up to him, "Yeah I do." The doc just laughs, and tells him he is, then he gives us lots of candy, it was great.

Alright that's all for now kiddies, I'm on my way.

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Monday, November 6, 2006

Ok, I've disappeared for a few weeks, but it wasn't my fault, I wrote about a bazillion papers one week, then two weeks ago for some reason this computer wouldn't connect to the site, and I spent all of last week in boston.

Boston was great, we drank a lot, which isn't something I do much, and I don't advocate it much, but everyone kept telling me "when's the next time you'll be in boston?" so they got me pretty loaded a couple of nights.

But we got to see Fenway park (Red Sox stadium) I got some nice pics of that, and we walked the freedom trail and got to see Paul Revere's house, and the tower that he shined the lights from. But mostly we were in meetings, but they were pretty interesting, all in all it was pretty fun, except for the fact that it was about a 22 hour drive. The drive back was just about too much, I got back here about 6:30 this morning, took a shower and slept for many hours I only woke up cause I was starving, then I got something to eat, and then I went back to bed. It wasn't until my roommate got home around 4:30 that I woke up for good, and seeing as I had been here since about 6:30 this morning, that was some good sleep. But I'm sleepy again, so I'll be in bed soon, probably won't be going to classes tomorrow though. Anywho bye.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm in love!
As the subject says, I'm in love... with my Paleo lab teacher, she said we didn't have to turn in our lab reports until next week, which means I don't have crap to do the rest of the week, and that is friggin awesome.

This morning we were eating breakfast at a little grease pot across the street from Hilbun hall, where all of our classes are. And one of the guys who go around cleaning up and doing landscaping and what not, well he hops in his truck and backs smooth over a police car. We laughed, the guy left before the cop came out, but it didn't really do anything to his car. Still funny though.

Other than that, no real news, I went and ate mexican earlier, a choice I now regret as my stomach is killing me, tasted good though. And since then, I've pretty much played video games all night. And the random convo is pretty long, so I'm gonna stop here

Random Conversation of the Day
Setup: The whole crew of us (Cale, Jon, Brittany, Hunter, and Dr. Dewey)were sitting in Paleo class earlier today, we had gotten to discussing infinity compared to the universe. Which has nothing to do with anything, and I'm not sure why we were talking about it.
Jon to Dewey: So the universe is infinite.
Dewey: No not in a sense of (something I don't remember)
Hunter: If you think about the universe consisting of matter, then there would be a deffinate amount.
Jon to Hunter: What about all the areas that don't have matter? Huh.
Hunter: (pause) My Balls
(everyone starts laughing at this point)
Me: I like how we go from a nice theoretical discussion to "my balls" that quick.

Just pure insanity that's what we do.

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