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It's Ketelly Time!

If I have a friend, they are a close friend. Because my list is under 15.

My brother first introduced me to anime.

Although the idiot grew out of it, I love him dearly.

I have a bad memory.

So unfortunately, I do not remember most the shows I watched.

One of my best friends, Marie Sayoko

And that's basically it!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

   Whats New?

Hello Again!

My computer was busted

So we bought a new one!

And so I am back.. for now

Nothing new has really happened.

No new animes to speak of, but I hope to find something soon. Any ideas?

Well I'd like to wish my brother Elliot a Very Happy Birthday!

Any comments for him? He's 17 today!

Well, I'll write more eventually.

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