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HEY!HEY!HEY!HEY!!!!!!! I'm the ketchup alchemist, master of tomatoes and able to transmute any meal to a delicious wonder!
Anyhoo, I'm a fairly big anime fan, and love to look at all the awesome drawings!!!
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Monday, December 17, 2007

Time Warped
*steps out of gaping hole in the time-space continuum*


Wondering where the heck I've been? Fighting dinosaurs in the future. Yep, they would have come back and eaten humanity, but thanks to my meddling, you won't be seeing any dinosaurs anytime soon. Living ones anyway. You might see a skeleton at a museum if you are so inclined.

Well, senior now. Yep. It's weird, and almost a little scary. 5 or so months from now the school stage of my life is over. Next is college, and a steady job...Sheesh, too fast I say! Why, I was a little squirt of 15 when I made this site.

Not much to say really. I'm on here because my sister pointed out that I haven't been on in a loooong time. So, yeah. Maybe I'll be on more frequently, maybe not.

Merry Christmas everyone, even to those who don't celebrate.

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

El Heroe de Tiempo
Hey everybody, life treating you good?

It's been an okay week. No delays or cancellations, which was a bummer, but I managed to survive. On Friday there was a concert, so my friends and I stayed after. We ended up having 3 extra hours of nothing to do, so we hopped in Caleb's car and drove to Wendy's. We almost got stuck on some ice on the way back, but we pulled out.

Today, my friends in Spanish 2 came over so we could film a commercial for Spanish, in Spanish. We were trying to sell a time machine. I played the part of Heroe de Tiempo (Hero of Time) and it was quite fun. The outdoor scenes were hilarious mainly because I was wearing a ridiculous wig and moustache (and my cape from my Jafar costume) so everyone who passed by did a double take. One of my buddies passed, looked twice, stopped in the middle of the road, turned around, drove up, and yelled "What the hell are you doing?!" He wound up helping us finish the commercial anyway. After all that, my friends and I just played Wii Sports and Guitar Hero. Good times.

Oh, and happy belated birthday Franky!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Twilight Princess spoilers on the horizon Captain!

Whoa, I haven't posted here in a month?! Oops. I didn't mean to forget, honest!

Anyway, school has been okay, nothing really to report there. All my classes are going well. Web Design is the best class to end the day on. Ever. The chairs are poofy, most kids in the class are fairly mellow, the teacher is lenient, and it's as easy as pie. I should have learned HTML years ago.

Probably the only huge thing that has happened recently was that I was on School's Match Wits, which is kinda like Jeopardy for schools. I was team spokesman (because no one else wanted to...) and I'm sincerely hoping I didn't look like a total idiot on screen. Yeah, it was filmed. Gateway lost, but we were making a comeback. After the first third of the show, we were losing 105 to 15. Yep. But lo and behold, lady luck was on our side in the first lightning round! The category was presidents precedents, which I one forward and back (go ahead, PM me. I dare ya). I scored 50 points in that round! Yeah! The final score was 205 to 160.

Now, about that Twilight Princess. After careful consideration, I've decided that I like it more than Ocarina of Time, which makes it my favorite video game of all time. That's one hell of an achievement, considering up until now I've sworn by OoT. But TP was just brilliant. Let me count the ways...

Story: Midna pretty much makes the whole tale. As a matter of fact, the triforce takes a back seat in this one. It's really only talked about in the end of the game. The ending is quite moving, and there is one scene that made me really, really sad. T-T Excellent story wise, but it doesn't quite top OoT in this category.

Graphics: Those people who complain about the Wii not having next gen graphics? Screw 'em. TP is gorgeous right down to the last blade of grass. Sure, the graphics aren't on par with, say, Gears of War, but it still looks fantastic. The water effects are especially nice, and the Twilight Realm is a work of art. TP whups OoT here.

Levels: Good stuff. Very good stuff. I love the overworld so much! It's enormous compared to other Zelda games, and that's a good thing. The dungeons are puzzle filled and a blast. Here's a rundown of my favorite dungeons.

1. Arbiter's Grounds- Great atmosphere, music, traps, puzzles, and enemies. It's like the Spirit and Shadow temples from OoT had a wonderful love child. The item gained here is wicked cool, and the boss fight is astoundingly fun. My favorite dungeon of all time.

2. Twilight Palace- The best looking dungeon certainly, and pretty fun too. The two puzzles in the east and west corridors were pulse pounding to say the least. And the boss is one crazy mofo.

3. Snowpeak Ruins- This one's a curveball of a dungeon. It's just a big house! But the atmosphere was right, the item was a blast, and Yeto made some damn fine soup. My one big complaint? The enemies were way too hard! I hate being frozen.

4. Temple of Time- I seriously got chills when I walked into the foyer of the Temple of Time. The music brought back so, so much. Other than the music, it was a fun, if occasionally frustrating, place. Killing spiders with giant statues was fun though.

5. Goron Mines- Lava level ahoy! The best part of this place was playing with magnetism and iron boots. I was like a slow spiderman! Also, you get the bow here, which is a godsend in TP. Lava effects were good.

6. Forest Temple- A good starting dungeon. Not too hard, even though the boss is a bit of a pain. The item is necessary for bug collecting too.

7. Lakebed Temple- Nothing astounding here. It was fun, but only the mini boss battle is worth mentioning. Oh, and you meet the charging pig/rat
enemies here! They're so cute!

8. City in the Sky- Ooh, this place. The music was cool, the boss battle was excellent, the item was great, and the Oocaa are nifty (albeit peculiar) allies. So why is this my least favorite dungeon? Easy. Until you get the item, this dungeon is a huge pain to navigate. There are floors missing everywhere! Tiles collapse underfoot, ivy can be missgrabbed, and I could get pinned by enemies pretty easily. Oh well, I can forgive you City, you were still kinda fun!

I'll continue my Zelda rant some other time. See you all around!

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Over, Said and Done

Sorry for not posting in a while. I've just been busy with stuff and finals. But I'm back!

Well, I'm going to be switching classes this Tuesday, so that should be interesting. I'm going to Spanish II (oh goody) and Web Design, which I think should be fun. I'm really going to miss Physics though. English, not so much. And I've gotta start signing up for things like the SATs and start looking harder for colleges. Growing up stinks sometimes...

Dang, don't you hate it when you just thought of a good story and then you forget it?

Anyway, Naruto fillers are ending in just a few weeks. That's pretty good news, I suppose. And we should be getting Zoro VS Kaku animated soon, also good. Speaking of One Piece, you should really read chapter 442 if you get the chance. It's...weird.

On a special last note, it's going to be my birthday in less than a week! Yeah! And I think I'm getting a Wii this weekend! Double Yeah!

See you all around!

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A delayed Merry Christmas

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas to you, or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate.

I had a very good Christmas. Got an iPod (damn that lowercase I...) and a spiffy stereo thing for it. Also recieved Yoshi's Island DS, FF III, Masterplan, and Trans Siberean Orchestra. Very cool indeed!

I'm feeling a tidbit lazy, so I'll just wrap things up right here. We did get a white Christmas (though barely) and I'll possibly be seeing Eragon with some friends on the 30th. I'll catch you all on the flip side!

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