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Friday, December 5, 2008

My first anime Convention
Hello Everyone!

Well today I went to my first anime convention, cosplaying as Kikyo from Inuyasha:g_smile: It was SO fun! I ddin't get to stay for all of it though:g_crying::g_crying::g_crying: I had a choir practise:devil: *Sigh*

Anyways the first thing we did, after getting a few compliments on my Kikyo cosplay, is go and watch SteamBoy which is so good! I highly recommend it.

Then we watched some great AMV's. Then it was about to be the cosplay contest but I had to go:g_crying: I REALLY wanted to enter:g_crying: So sad....

So I hope there will be more conventions in Victoria. I think I'll go check online after this.....:g_smile:

So I've decided I'm going to do what Stixx-chan does and post my MO posts on MyO. They'll be the same posts so you have to pick which one's you want! It's up to you^__^

Oh and by the way does anyone know if there's going to be any conventions in Victoria???? If so PLEASE PM me!!!!!

Anyways that was about it....oh! Have you checked out the Otaku Attraction??? It's so good! They were right...it does something to you.... anyways I'll close now. Bye!!!


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

   Anime hits the school!
Hello everyone!

First of all thank you for 1,000 hits on MO! I really don't know how that happened! It was like 700 something yesterday! But anyways thank you!

Second I'm sort of almost starting an anime club at school! I just need to get an adult supervisor for the club, find a date and then it's set! I found one teacher who might do it but I'm not so sure...I just really hope he does! It would be SO great! Wish me luck! Also any tips for things to do? I've done my research believe me but if you guys have any good idea's I'd love to hear them! Anyways see you!


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Friday, September 12, 2008


I am finally a premium member:D As you've probably seen on my comments I have a (awesome) cupcake beside my (awesome) name. So happy!!!! Can't wait to buy L T-shirt!!! So happy:D

I've sumitted 3 new wallpapers which I am SO proud of. 2 are for the OA contest but the other one's a just because wallpaper. They're so pretty:)

I'm secretly reading manga at my local bookstore. It's so big so I just quickly picked the next volume of Fruits Basket sat on a chair and read it all the way through. I'm so bad. But I saved money so that's good. WARNING SPOILERS IN FOLLOWING SENTENCE. Akito is a GIRL!!!???? OMG!!! And Shigure loves her!!!!???? OMG OMG OMG!!!!

That is all.


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