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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

// HIYA! ^^

OMFG! You won't belive what happened this week! my friend kanna's sister had her baby!!! >< YES!...hehe well anyway, I'm trying to make a hikaru utada theme, but photobucket isn't working very well right now... T.T I'LL GET TO YOU SOME HOW BABY!! If that doesn't work then i'll do cheon sang ji hee. But i guess that i just ended up with doing Bleach..hehehe ^^

// Bleach

I read Bleach book 19 last night and IT WAS AWSOME!!! Rukia's brother (bg pic) i forgot his name bayasomthing, well when ichigo fights him and that white thing that that he has in his hair brakes, or he takes it off (forgot that some how too ^^) he looks so fucking HOT!!

// Goodbies...T.T

I have to go, see ya'll later!!!! :F later!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hay ya'll! ^^ I won't be on much, after this post. I'm going camping with my grandpa. If i don't comment in a long time, plz don't delete me, i'll be on as soon as i get home. Right now i'm at the Thousand Trails resort at Lake Whitney. So were near the town Whitney but still in Texas. My cousin and I are going to see the grand Cannon, Four Corners, Some crater thing in Arazona and some caverns, I think were going to see Carles Bad Cavern??...I don't know I forgot. Four Corners is a place were you stand on the courers of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah and ur in 4 states at once! I think its kool but ya know...whatever. Today my grandpa bought his new R.V. and it is awsome. Hes going to buy his Jeep to pull behind the R.V. on friday. (he would have bought it today but he brought the wrong check book and its WAY to far to go back and then drive up there agian for the right one) But tomorrow were going to hook the truck up to the trailer and go to an R.V. Park, leave it hooked up for the night, and then drive it to the R.V. Sales man and my uncle and I move everything from the trailer to the R.V. While my grandpa goes pays for the jeep, and brings it back, then go back to the R.v. Park with our brand new beautiful (and luxurious) R.V. ^^ I know it might be boring to Read all this, so sorry bout that. But its just to atone for the weeks i'll miss on My Otaku...T.T I will miss ya'll...so fucking much!!BBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...T.T *goes to a dark corrner*
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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Schools Out!!

Yes! Schools out! can't weit for the summer ^^ And my Grandpa is taking us camping like every summer, were supose to go to the rocky mountains, the grand cannon and four corners (a place were u stand in 4 states at once, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado)Of course i've been there before, but my cousin hasn't and shes going with us. But its been such a long time, i think i was in elementry when i went to those places. My Grandpa is getting an R.V. And getting rid of his Trailer, so we can camp in the good stuff!! And he is trading in his truck to get a jeep ^^...this is going to be a great summer. But enough about my Grandpa. Today i'm suppose to go to my friend (kanna, InuyalaLady15, and yes her internet is still down, her sis will be getting it back this summer, so expect her back.^^) But her sis is going to take me to kanna's house frist and then when she gets off of work, she'll take kanna and i to her apt. Well i gotta go, later!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hello! My theme now will be hatori, and i know the bg is with sirgure but i REALY like this pic so i put it on. ^^ I know it looks like yaoi but who cares. I'm going to put more kitty pics on, cause i think there funny as hell...so ya. Today my feet hurt like hell because i've been going on and off campus all day...with lucy and Tranija...T.T I'm going to put a Hatori slide show on soon too...so i guess thats it, OH! and a chat box too, so i can chat with all my friends!! xp ^^ Later!

These may not be as funny as the last ones, but they should do.
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Lucy found this one, halarius!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sorry i haven't been to ya'lls site yet, i will go in a couple of days, SORRY!!! (stupid library!!)
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