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m(_ _)m irrashaimase minna-sama

uh, changing my profile...well first, domo arigatou gozaimasu to all who voted, added and commented on everything of what i had worked for here. you just don't know how very thankful i am.

and~ the image background i have are the Silver Pair of Hyotei, Shishido Ryou and Ohtori Choutarou. wallapaper is made by my little sister's sempai, Asaunta. and the image is hosted by and on Tenipuri Images and its copyright all in all.

and no stealing~. i witnessed alot of stealing here. or else, i'll sue you. seriously.

again, i practice total discretion here. if you're itching for a fight, then it means i have to kick you out of here. but if not, you know what to do. no flaming and no cussing or word bashing on any of the people you'll find here..."strong & offensive words reflects how a really bad mouthed person you are..." bear that in mind. don't dare to forget.

one thing, if your a certified fangirl who hates to see their favorite character with an OC, then don't visit my portfolio. application of the saying "what you say is what will you get" policy. again, if you have a problem with that, i'll have to drag you out smoothly or else i'll kick you out.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

saiwai na~~~
it means happy...courtesy of CD~ thanks Sis, for the support and the advertisement of my Uchiha fanart (",) wow~ when i read your recent entry i was like...yeah, that's a good boosting of confidence XD and i feel sorry for NekoLover about what happened to her work...there are just people here in myotaku who does evil deeds to others who wants nothing but to just show their works...and since you came up with it CD, i can't hide my true feelings anymore.

i feel quite bad about my Uchiha fanart. and yeah, i worked really hard on it, made sure that it deserves all the votes it gets, even argued with my mom and let her think i'm immature...it made me ask what do most people here in myotaku thinks about a fanart? aside from me, there are more great artists who deserves massive votes and comments but get not half of enough they deserves...

sigh, it is really different three years ago. yup, i was already in this field quite a long time ago.

anyways, i'm still happy that i have a pal like CD...and thanks to Caosgoth, Gidra and the other i forgot his name XD sorry~...thanks for the comments, they mean so much for me. and to those who voted and didn't left any words, still thanks. but it would be more of happiness if you all did left me a word XD

thanks~~ CD, you have a cool site :3 keep it up~

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

itachi and sasuke finally posted~
nyah~ and this makes me happy~

after drooling over it for two days and yesterday my stupid ISP gone haywire, now i breathed lightly after having my internet back~~

its my first achi-suke art. i hate "--cests" that's why i don't recommend it to those who are "--cest" fans...save me the lecture.

and CD and Gidra, we are having the same problems on our GBs. luckily though, it didn't deleted everything on my GB XD

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My GB needs an exorcist XD
my guestbook has been going weirdo this past days...the entry should be counted as 32, but right now, it is counted as 29 only...is it me or someone is deleting it for me? or yet, it is the poster who deletes their own entries...or yet, they deleted their own accounts??? oh well. whatever it is, i will still contact an exorcist~

about updates, yes~~~ i will post new drawings the day after tomorrow :3 the sketches are under the category of Naruto and Prince of Tennis~~

but hoestly, i love my Naruto drawing more since it is the first time i drew Itachi and Sasuke together on one canvas. to think it is my first time to finally draw a decent Itachi XD...*sigh* i am really a fan of that walking mischief that i always forget to draw Naruto first XD maybe i will do it soon...after i surpass this swimming ideas about Sasuke that has been corrupting my brain XD

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Monday, August 13, 2007

whee~~~ artist block gone XD
yes~~~~ i already beaten my artist block by finally finishing a drawing XD and my Mom can't complain since I helped her this morning :3

the only problem is my BG is not working T-T maa, i guess i have to take care of it by tomorrow~~

and Masataka, you only have less than a week to go before your birthday~~ i love you~

*this is how hyper i am when i'm happy XD*

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

   nothing special~~~
mou~~ nothing special as of now...

i am currently having an artist block XD

but i will be back in any days or so...and CD, nice Uchiha-tachi background you got there XD *the last one i saw is Byakuya versus Ichigo*

topic-wise, i really don't have any imaginative incentives as of now...with problems around my house, i don't think i can manage to stuff my mind with anything interesting yet XD plus~ PoT has been put off-air and is placed with Slamdunk...

nope, i am not complaining about SlamDunk. i find that show very cool~ buy hey, i had been seeing it for three times already and PoT still stuck on the Rikkai arc...local tv station here sucks XD

well, no school for me. i already finished dealing with that...so all i've got is being lazy cat~~

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