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"I came this far believing in the memories we have together... As long as you are by my side..."

Keiko isn't a very complex creature. She eats, sleeps, and bathes like every other "normal" person. She cares for her friends and she enjoys spending time with them. Like some humans, Keiko finds humor in the weirdest places. It takes a while for her brain to process some things, unfortunatly, for her brain elves have put her on hold for quite some time. Her current love is a video game character by the name of Roxas. No he is not a homosexual pirate. So don't even go there. I'm serious. Don't. I'll have a million horny Hypello at your doorstep in 3 seconds. Got it, punk? Good.

WARNING: Kei-chan is not responsible for any heart, or brain problems one may have after friending her. It is a mere coincidence. She is also not responsible for any accidents you may have from talking with her.

SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE: nausea, extreme sleep deprivation, brain cell loss, drop in IQ, sanity loss, and/or possible death... of your brain.

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Sunday, October 1, 2006

MOVED TO Hope on Reserve, if you wish to still be friends with me~

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