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My name is Keikiva, but you can call me Kei or Kei-chan if you'd like ^ ^
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Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'll make this a shorty ^ ^
Last night I had my first little drinking party with my friends. It was great. Dakota got a bottle of Smirnoff from his mom and we made tons of mixed drinks with it. I'm a light weight when it comes to drinking so I got tipsy really quick. The thing with vodka is you still feel drunk many many hours after you've actually had the drink...Funny XD I ended up getting too disoriented that I couldn't find my way back to my dorm room, so I just slept in my friends room. We somehow fit 3 people on a very small twin sized bed (one girl (me) and two pretty big guys). It was kinda funny. But I had fun. We played drinking games w/ guitar hero and time splitters. Loser had to take a straight shot of Smirnoff...no mix-ins...no chasers...Whoa ^ ^* I lost a lot XD Oh, the mass hilarity ensued. I'm surprised I remember half the stuff we even did. I do, however, know a new thing about my friend Dakota. HE IS A BIG CUDDLE BUNNY! He kept laying all over me and hugging me all night. Sweet, sure, but damn, I am not a teddy bear ^ ^;;

So that was my night ^ ^* How is everyone else doing?

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