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Hello i'm Ash, but you can call me Keba. This is my beautiful site that a very good friend of mine made for me ^.^ So yeah.....Oh! And, when you stop by--go ahead and feel free to sign my guestbook

What else...umm....well i'm emo and goth, BUT I do have alot of punk in me also. I'm very easy to get along with and very party like. But, if it comes to a very serious subject, I will get very serious about it. I do get offended about some things, but not ,many. Also, I am Bi; If you have a problem with that it certainly is not my problem you can just buzz off and everyone will be happy.
The only time I'm really in a good mood is if someone can put me in one. I just might keep it for a while. My favorite bands are Aiden, Atreyu, As i lay Dying, August Burns RED, The Devil Wears Prada, Saosin, THE doors, and many others. so yeah that's about it.

Hope you all enjoy my site everyone!



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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

'Ello my Lovies


What's up?!
I have missed all of you OH SO MUCH!
It's been forever, and it seems like NO ONE has been on in FOREVER! Gosh.
I'm in a really good mood if you can tell. lol.
Someone, PLEASE, tell me how the hell to use the PM system. Cause I am SO DAMN LOST!
Grr. Sorry, new meds. Bleh.
Wel, Im gonna go. I love you all very much.
Peace. <3~

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