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Life is a magical roller coaster of ups, downs, lefts, rights, sideways, byways, roundways, straightways, curves, edges, corners, and clocks...

And what holds the world together? DUCT TAPE BABY! Anyways, I be Sam, wonderful wonderful Sam. Call me Sam. If you refer to me as KDJO Ill have to hurt you, cuz its stupid. Anyways, Imma go...read something. Yeah...

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Long time lost
Well I havnt posted in awhile, interesting huh? Yeah, not really. I'm not much of a person am I? Telling Myth to post but never actually doing it myself. Huh. Well guess what, I actually have an excuse! (somewhat...)

My computers been funky this last month or so. It wont let me log into either the Otaku or Deviantart. It's really starting to get old. We had it fixed for a little bit but now it seems to have screwed itself again. Im really thinking of just backing up all my files and then cleaning my computer from front to back. Starting over from scratch, if I can. That would also help me get everything organized too. I think that'd be fun, dont you? Lets make a project out of it.

Anyways, with that being said, Im at Tyler's house right now, which is why Im able to post like this. I'd like to take a moment to apollogize to everyone who's sites I have not visited, all the people who are watching me but Im not watching them. Im sorry, Ill get out more if things get fixed...well, I'll try. Truth is, I dont stray much from my select few friend sbut, we'll see.

Anyways, thats mah update. Just thought you all might like to know where Ive gone. If you'd like, Im continuing to regularly update my LJ, who's title is Kailand. Look me up if you want. :)


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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The perfect day?
Today has been, quite possibly, one of the best days that I can ever remember having.

Why? Let me tell you!

I started off the day with some good music (cant remember what it was cuz I was still half asleep then but I know it was good), I had a good shower, I outwitted Mrs. Reinstma into not making me cut my hair, I totally pwned during English review, I got studied up on my math, Im getting closer to solving the 4x4 rubiks cube, I had about 8 or so rolls of bread for lunch (I love bread), I managed to somehow be the center of just enough attention to keep me happy-- I actually got to hang with some of my Junior friends without feeling completely left out! I played Defend Your Castle with Rusty for about a half hour, finished the last (and possibly best) school newspaper, was told that said paper had no flaws in it whatsoever (by a man who's usually so hypercrytical this abseloutely amazed me), stopped for coffee with Rusty and Dave, hung out for awhile, and then picked up my sister. All this while enjoying the downpour of the century!

At home I played Zelda Twilight Princess for awhile, finished another dungeon, schooled a boss, got a new move, and saved the day. Dad and I are going to install my new car stereo here in a bit, in that lovely awesome rainy weather right ouside our garage (holyomgtheweatherrocks!), and to top it all off: Mom's making stirfry for dinner!


Today was like, freaking awesome! I dunno if its because Im focussing more on the good than anything else or if I just actually had a good day today! Seriously, I even saw and hung out with Rachael, I felt no emotional pain whatsoever, no attatchment that shouldnt be there, Im finally over her. Maybe it's more mental than not, I finally told her the other day that I was giving up on trying to get back with her, I told her that I've decided that if it's God's will for us to be together later He can make that happen, that's just no my place. I feel closer to her than I have been in along while and that makes me happy.

Im currently posting around FRP, doing some touch up work here and there with pictures, and contemplating what to do tomorrow while waiting for my sister to finish her 3rd period final. Wait no...I work tomorrow, SWEET! (me working at bookstore = AWESOME!)

I am happy, today was good, life is good, all is well. Thank you Lord.



P.S. - Yes, I realize Im getting more religious in all my posts and whatnot, I've just begun to find more comfort and strength in my beliefs.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Time elapsed.
Well, lifes been going along rather smoothly. Some slight bumps here and there. I find it interesting that one can spend so much time moving foreward just to hit a wall and get shoved back. It seems rather a nuissance at time...quite often actually. I've been doing alot more reading and thinking lately, people keep asking me if Im depressed or emo. I always say "no" but...well, I dont think the black hair helps much. XD

Schools coming to an end, thank God. I don't think I can take much more of Mr. Reinstma and Marshall. They must die. Granted, the rest of my teachers rock. Math and Bible? No...the subject of math much just plain burn in hell, and Bible needs...well...someone more worthy to be its teacher. Thats all I can say.

So I'm looking forward to the summer, working for Mr. Denherder again, if I can, and Im gonna get a perm too. You know, where they make your hair all super curley? I figured hell, its already black. Might aswell curl it too! Should be fun. I might have to do it before the end of school though, my hair already surpasses regulation length by about an inch. Funky stuff, Im glad it curls up at the tips otherwise I'd be dead.

Just finished my first month working at Cornerstone Christian Book store. I'm getting the hang of it now, everything seems to be moving along alot easier than it did at first, ofcourse, thats to be expected. My boss told me I wont have many summer hours so I'm planning on getting another job to compensate. Keep myself busy. No clue how I'm gonna get through this summer though, I'll die without things to do. *shrugs* Whatever happens happens though, I suppose. Burn those bridges when I come to them.

Tomorrow night is the grand premire of Spiderman 3 in our theaters here, I'm so excited. I get to go with my cousin Richard and his friend, along with some friends from school, this should be a blast.

Anywhos, Im off for now, I have some pictures to finish and a CD to listen to. Then some homework to do...I suppose...pshh, screw that. XP


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