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HEY! PEOPLE WELCOME TO MY SITE!!!!^_^' if you want...SIGN MY GUEST BOOK!!! just so you know im an totalll anime FREAK!!~_~ I LOOVEE Koga, inuyasha miroku,Tasuke from Fushigi Yugi and GAARA!! My boo!!! lolz My BFF Dejiko Nyo and i even made our own anime characters Kazuna Mats'ura and Ellie Shinohara! (is Where i got my name) Well Enjoy my site!! ^^
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I feel like i have been walking in circles for days lmao XD i cant figure out anything so ima keep goin thru myotaku till i get it right haha! what exactly are these "worlds" theotaku is talkn bout anyway? well anyhow! im in a great mood today! oh did i mention i moved to georgia? SO HOT!! *gasping for air and dies*

Bye- Bye!
Kazuna \^o^/-hugs

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

hey im back!! IM SIXTEEN AND LOVIN IT!!! lolz i am soooo happy omg!! i had so much freakn fun the past few months!!! i missed you all so much! yo yall betta cum back to mah site or i'ma start deletin friends on the real cuz this is gettn ridiculous lolz well theotaku has changed alot!! i dont even know where to go first! but hey for now i got a new computor so i'm comin every other day the least ok??


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