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Hello, and welcome to my site!
I'm Kazuka!
Thank you for visiting my site, I'm glad you stopped by!
There's not much here, but please do look around and I hope that you enjoy your stay! ^^

Right now, I'm super into Kingdom Hearts. xD It's all I think about! So, if you like it too, let's talk! =D

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

[[Moving again]]
Gah, I'm really sorry to do this to you guys AGAIN. T_T

Something happened and as the weather started warming up, I suddenly felt like I wanted to update on here again. o_o I suppose I'm just remembering the time when I used to come on here everyday. XD

SO. Because of that, and also because I don't want to loose touch with you guys, I'm going to come back on MyO. :D

The only problem is that I'm not going by the name 'Kazuka' anymore. .__. I know, I know, I've already changed my name once before. D| But this time I've picked a name that I really like, and I want to stick with it. It wasn't made up in a hurry or anything like that. I'm Ayu now. You can still call me Kazuka if you want, I suppose. ^^;;; Sorry for changing names on you guys so much like that. D: This time I really wanna come back, so if you feel like it, you can add me again over here.

I'd love to stay in touch with you guys~♥

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