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Cats Favorite Christmas Songs ~~~

1. Up on the Mousetop

2. Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas

3. Joy to the Curled

4. I Saw Mommy Hiss at Santa Claus

5. The First Meow

6. Oh, Come All Ye Fishful

7. Silent Mice

8. Fluffy, the Snowman

9. Jingle Balls

10. Wreck the Halls

Thursday, August 24, 2006

hey! I'm home from my first day of the 8th grade! I have my friend Amber in every single one of my classes. We even get to work together! Ms.Collins said that we earn $50.00 every 2 weeks! At the end of the school year, if we saved our money. We could have over $1,000!!! Science was awesome. Mr.Hudock kept blowing things up & lighting stuff on fire! totally radical! lol. For lunch I ate some breadsticks. Me & Amber get to work at the daycare for 2 periods ^^ yay lol. The packet says that if we're working with infants we earn $33.50 per day. Toddlers are $33.00 per day. Preschoolers are $31.00 a day & kindergardeners are $29.00 per day. This so rocks! I'm gonna have an awesome time this year! ^^ This monthly problem should be over with in about a day or so. So for those of you who have been updating. I'll think of a way to make it up to you ^.^ oh there's this kid named Nathan Leiby. Okay well we have almost every single class together & in every class he always stares at me! I dunno why. What's on my face -looks in mirror- NOTHING!!! why the freak would he be staring at me so much? Well later i'm going on MySpace and messaging him..you know..to see what job he got hehe ^^`` my friend Tori said to do it just in case he likes me which i really doubt cuz who the heck would like me? lol well anyway i'm a really fast typer lol. probably why this is so long. Social studies was fun too. I can't wait to start our course on Egypt! I love egypt. yay lol. When i grow up i wanna be either an archeologist or an egyptologist! i've been wanting those 2 professions since i was 7 years old. well right now i'm reading my job packet. wow this post is really long lol so i think i'll stop here. no homework. but i gotta get my mom to sign a paper in Math class for extra credit {yes already lol}

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