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1. Please don't sign my guestbook just so I can help you with html or css codes [unless your Saru Chan =D] she gets an acception for being so awesome.

2. I only help close friends for html or css codes, sorry.
3. If your not on my friends list, then I won't help you.
4. Donít steal from my source code without my permission first.
5. Please keep Chat-speak [i.e "u" "2" etc.] down to a minimum.


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Image hosted by Photobucket.comHello... I see out of some random predicament you've stumbled upon my wonderful page of darkness ... My name is, Rikku. Hmm where to start... well ... I'm moody, secretive, revengeful, trustworthy, and affectionate. I love traveling, love attention, I'm shy and reserved, artistically talented, sensitive to others, and I love special things. I have an attractive personality, love to serve others, and love peace and serenity. I'm extremely observant and assess others. I Love to dream and fantasize. I'm appreciative and return kindness. I'm naturally honest, generous and sympathetic.

Likes:: Uchiha Sasuke, ramen, reading, sleeping, role-playing games, shopping, sushi, video games, anime, sea food, and just being plain lazy.

Dislikes:: being patient, working, certain people like posers, critics, liars, when I donít get enough sleep.

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Friday, January 6, 2006



actually im moving... to this otaku site:

Just PM me for the link

i got so sick of mot being able to comment or not being able to submit wallpapers i needed to make a new myOtaku site... AGAIN!

if i dont vist your sites and sign your gbz during this week then please come to visit me... i dont have that much time...

pce out ppl!

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