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simple and clean , by Utada Hikaru
umm.. yeah hi......well ok then have fun looking around and ....yeah ok i am not good at this .ok then just do whatever u want....^_^'

play this and i think you might like it it is called lonely in gorgeous by tommy february6 into is from paradise kiss. ^_^

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

   I am a IMAGE FREAK!!!! just like miyazawa just kidding Iam not XD
It'so( His and Her Circumstances) and I really love this show it is now my absolute favorite romance! I have been drawing my cards lately and am currently stuck on #3 the Decrowned Princess... I have photoshop class tonight and want to go to all fired up instead( pottery painting) * hense the icon.* ^_^ I really want to go to the movies too well My friend Emma might come over this weekend >_< She is soo flippin' retarded I love her . Oh and I have a ton of interest in this one show called lurid enchantment so if anyone has any idea when it comes out here I would love to know ^_^ I am also trying to color the worst most detailed picture I have ever attemted to draw
-_-"Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket random love from me to you. I hope you love me back. Hey wait I have one more announcement I am joined to gaia and was just wondering if anyone would like to add me my names mewminto ^_^ well add me okay! cause I love you!

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

   My birthday!
My birthday is on sunday I am so happy!I hope I have fun and my friends gets to too. ^_^ I will invite all of you! hehe ^_^ My family can't come though they live by the west coast and the overpass is snowed in so they can't make it to Redding...TT_TT I love them for actually trying though. I haven't been on for a while sorry kinda'hecktic over here I had 2 tests yesterday but... I did horrible.i got a c- and b straight. :P ehh well I came home early today froma a migrane headache I gotta' get off though cause I think I feel it comming back . okay well i love you all and have a great weekend I won't be on so I am telling you guys this now ^_^ okay well I love ya all' and have a great weekend and ohh I love presents aso if you are on joined to gaia I love ya if you get my drift my sn is mewminto so I hope you love me to! ;P hehe >_< ky well comments and pms are great too so I love ya guys and bye! Image hosting by Photobucket
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Monday, February 27, 2006

   Go Pervy Pervy! Go! Mugi Mugi!
I love ya'll I really am so happy I got to go tao a dance and it was awesome!! I saw my old friend( I no longer go to that school i left 3 years ago!)yeah it was the best dance I have ever been to it was so fun and Everyone Danced! I was so surprised.!
I had 12 guys around me like all the time and 4 said to my face I was pretty and they liked me. >_< hehe I felt so loved and the king of the king and queen dance gave me his crown.....then it got caught in my hair but he got it out . hehe it was si awesome!
I miss them so bad has anyone else ever had a really romantic moment and then something happened cause it was pretty ebarassing! TT_TT hehe It was wonderful here is me going to the dance.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OKITA OKITA OKITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyu~ ;3
I had a horrible day today. I just don't know I just have all the luck don't I. -_-" I just feel like drawing my life away at the moment. I am a bit hungry too. I want cereal. hehe lala I walked my dog today and 3 DVD's came in the mail today X R.O.D the OAV and Wolf's Rain. I already got Jubei chan and Peacemaker Peacemaker is my favorite show now I love it It is so sad. OKITA! >_<
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   OH Crap!
Today I got up and fell back asleep for about 10 min and woke up to the garage door opening I jumped out of bed put some jeans on and ran out of my room acting as if I was redy I forgot my shirt though and my mom came in I was acting as if I was waiting to go and she said nice try I am so busted well gotta go to school right now. I'll get back on later!
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Monday, February 20, 2006

  omg i Officially a stupid person. Is it my imagination or is it that I don't get any comments anymore. I feel so crushed.
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