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Friday, January 11, 2008

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Welcome to Kat's Page // Flutter

Hello and welcome to my new layout. I have finally decided to come back to the Otaku and try to be a regular.

Since I've been gone, I've been working on my arts and stuff. I'm a lot more literate than I used to be. xD Illiteracy kind of scares me now.

My art... has been going okay. I used photoshop a bit and worked on my CGing until Cashie's tablet broke. Now I can't do my pixel dolls, either. ;~; Sad, really. lol. Oh well... I've just had some sketches that I have yet to upload on DA. Hopefully, I'll do that soon, if I remember.

Please visit my linkus to your right, and comment some things while you're at it. ;] Ja~


11 Jan 07;;

O_O ♥

I love Death Note. I always thought it would be retarded, but I love it. D: Light is so made of win. I watched all of it within a few days. o 3o I bought these little figures off of Ebay of Light and L, and they should be here soon. I'm excited. I have to wait 14-21 days [2-3 weeks] and today is day 8. They were shipped out on the third of this month and they were in Hong Kong... -squees-

I'm sixteen now. :'D Yay~~ Isn't that great? -clinghugs all of her friends-

The guy I like has this cool sweatshirt- it's black and it has a skeleton on it. The skeleton is like... Torso up, ya know? It's pink, blue, and green. It has a heart that is yellow. What kind of jacket is that? Does anyone know? : O

That's all for now. C:

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