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yes satan? oh i'm sorry! you sounded like someone else!

-Ace Ventura to his landlord. xD

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   wow an update!!!
wow i have not updated in so long it's not even funny! ah! well ninth grade started and it's a whole lot better than eigth! i actually have an A in algebra 2!!! there's something wrong here... hmmm...well in other WAY more exciting news, i went to a highschool mixer a few weeks ago and met this really nice and REALLY hot guy who it turns out i used to carpool with way back when. (his sister gave me head lice...oh those were the days...) and yeah we exchanged numbers and i'm excited bc we're going to the movies friday!!! *squee* i'm not really supposed to go tho... and i feel a bit guilty about not telling my parents bc i usually tell my parents everything, but i this guy is really nice and i know he wont "try" anything ahem... so yeah! i'm SO happy!!! and it rained today. that made me even happier. it was one of those really cool depressing dark days that i love. ahhh...and we have this huge drawing to do in biology and i;m basically doing the whole thing bc i can draw (from the pictures here...you wouldnt think that...-_-U) and i'm having a ton of fun doing it. well i'm off to do other things! talk to me on AIM sometime. LTITANS09
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Sunday, July 31, 2005

well i went camping from friday afternoon till sunday afternoon and i'm sunburned, bruised, and TIRED!!! seriously if i wasnt downloading a couple songs right now, i would fall asleep on my keyboard. -_-
hmm i guess i'll tell you about my camping trip!!! so we got to meramac state park about one-ish and just sort of laid around and took walks and got lost all day. o...m...g...we had the most annoying hoosier neighbors who were up till 2 (at least) and up at five. i wish i were joking. and it sounded as if there was alcohol involved...hm...so yeah our canoe float trip thing started at nine thirty so everyone sat around the camp fire trying to wake up (grrrr DAMN NEIGHBORS!!!) until we finally had to go. so we get driven up in a bus. btw, our driver's name was santa one-feather. he was so cool! lol. he squirted me with a water gun...O.o ok then...so it was pretty fun the first couple hours. it was GORGEOUS outside! i loved it.
so we stop for lunch and my ten year old cousin and his friend get in our canoe cuz they wanna be together soo ok. it was hot outside. the water looked so cool. we wanted to get out and swim really bad but it wasnt time to stop yet. so my 16 yr old cousin who paddling in back, wanted to tip us over so we could get in...yeah... we flipped and it took FOREVER to get back in the canoe. during which, i hurt my wrist. i'm gonna have to wrap it for tumbling tomorrow...-_- yeah well we finished up the float trip w/o any big mishaps. cept i'm redder than a tomatoe but ya know whatever.
sunday we went in fisher cave which is pretty cool but it's not advertised really well so nobody's really heard of it. it was fun and i was being a cave nerd and answering every question she asked. ^_^
then we got back at one-ish. my family wasnt back from church and shopping so i went up and took a shower and hung out till i had to go to five oclock mass at church. so afterwards, there was a holocaust survivor speaking. wow. that is all i can really say.

all right if you stuck with me this far and didnt just skim all that, i would seriously give you money if i could. oh well i cant so yeha!!! ttyl!!!

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Thursday, June 9, 2005

i got my braces off today! i'm so happy. my teeth are so pretty and straight. i'll be entering freshman year with an awesome smile. ^_^ on top of that, my older sister (by eleven years) came in town today. i'm not the oldest at home anymore, her being number two in our family and me being...number five so my seat of power has gone until she goes back to school. poop. oh well. yeah that and i'm not really used to her being home, but it's nice, i mean she's like, 600 miles away most of the time so it's nice to see her.
my older brother is in california at a rehab center for *cough* substance abuse. yeah...he failed his drug test for the military and got kicked out but they said they'll take him back if he fixes his problem and goes to school so that's good. he got accepted into his school too so that made my mom really happy. she doesnt cry a whole lot anymore! yeah i've never really had a good relationship with him. he's six years older than me and we've always been sorta fake nice (at least i was) and i've always hated him kinda....yup well enough blabbing! THANKS for stopping by!!! please comment. ^_^

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   WOOOOOT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!
OMG OMG i graduated eigth grade!!! on first honors too!!! go me! as a graduation present, my parents (dad actually) got me a pink ipod!!!!! my poor mom doesnt know what an ipod is so my dad bought it lol.
my class went to six flags for graduation and that was pretty fun. we walked around so much that i lost like 5 pounds. i was like...wow didnt expect that! yeah i was soaking wet from the tidal wave and then we went again and THEN we stood on this bridge where you get hit with TONS of water and i was dripping wet from that. (btw, the capris i was wearing were too big and i forgot the belt so i had to keep pulling them up. add water to this situation and you have heavy pants. yeah i had to hold em up. it was bad. at least i had my tankini on underneath!)

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   Full Metal Alchemist
anyone know where i can get FMA?? i really REALLY dont wanna have to wait for funimation to get all of their DVD's out so yeah anyone know?? i'll love you forever if you find it or at least try!!!

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