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Hey, I'm Kastom.

I really started watching anime after I saw Spirited Away (or was it Castle in the Sky? hmmm... I can't quite remember, lol). I now have most of Miyazaki's movies. In fact, I actually have almost every Studio Ghibli movie.

The main thing I do (did now) on this site is write. Check out my articles if you're interested.

Tales of Symphonia and Chrono Trigger are my favorite games.

My hair is something I'm quite proud of. I'm trying to make it anime style! I know it's physically impossible as I'd need hair that can counteract the effects of gravity, but, oh well!

Here is a quote that sums me up:

"Reality continues to ruin my life." - Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes

So check out my site!

This will lead you to the now dead article section on theotaku, specifically to my articles. If you joined here after the articles were killed, click here then look around at all the articles that I and hundreds of others wrote. There's something for everyone there!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hey everyone,

I finally managed to blunder my way into making a blog on VV. The link is
So I guess this is goodbye to MyOtaku for me.

Everyone tell me your worlds and stuff (cause I highly doubt I could find them on my own, lol)

- Kastom

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Return of articles? Interesting...
Hey people,

So I was making my monthly check here to see what conventions were occuring next month when I noticed that this version vibrant thingy finally had a date for release. Since I'm never here anymore I only kind of know what it is. But then I noticed (as many of my fellow ex-writers did I saw) something very important... ARTICLES ARE COMING BACK!!

I have to admit, that totally is making me think of actually coming back. Every once in a while these past two years (wow it's been a long time) I've thought about theotaku and realized how much I missed it. So with the long overdue return of articles, I'm very much so thinking of returning myself.

To all my fellow SOAPers, will SOAP come back as well? Will it just be like old times (hehehe... katsom!)?

Anyways, if anyone notices this, tell me what they know about the new articles section and anything related.

- Kastom

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Go file sharing!
Hey everyone.

Man, file sharing is the best. There's this awsome network program at my University set up so that people can share all kinds of things. I've already downloaded about another 100 or so movies. And just over the last few days I've gotten well over a 100 GIGS of anime. lol. I've got sooooo much now. It'll take me soooo long to read/watch it all. But whatever, I'll never be bored again! lol.

Gah. So much homework. Assignments just keep falling on my head. High school was nothing like this. In high school you'd get breaks here and there. But nope, not here. Assignments due every week, and another one posted the day you hand in the previous one. Oh well. It's what University entails.

These early morning soccer games are killing me. Both Saturday and Sunday I had soccer games in the morning, and since I stayed up until 2 and 3 those nights, I only got a few hours of sleep. I'm also the captain of my team, so I have to pick up our jerseys and be there at least 20 minutes early. It's fun and all, but gah. TOO EARLY! lol.

Ichigo 100% looks pretty awesome. It was one of the things I got. I have all the episodes (I think) and the entire manga series (I think). It looks a lot like Love Hina, but still different enough to be cool. The only thing is, from the looks of it, the main guy has at least 4 girls trying to get him! Like, wtf?! In real life he'd either a) be pummeled and beaten to a pulp by the girls, or b) (and more realistically) just get dumped by all the girls cause they'd think he's insensitive or something.

Man, Ayumi Hamasaki is really good! I got a whole bunch of her songs from the file sharing, and a lot of them are awesome! Teddy Bear is cool, Angel's Song has an awesome rhythm, and there's a few sweet techno songs.

Anyways, I should be doing Chemistry, so I've got to go before my guilt from procrastination kills me.

See you all.

- Kastom

P.S. That comment box on the Podcast is getting crazy... has it been like this since I left?! I can't believe I missed so much! It's so funny having that many crazy people building on each other's insane ramblings!

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