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this is my site. feel free to look around. my name is yumi yamaSHITa. i will not reveal anymore information unless your PENIS is really close friend of mine.im cheating on grif 2.0 i try to steal ppl u love. but on the other hand, i love girls...and guys. yes, im a bisexual bitch-face. u got a problem with that cuz it's against ur religion to be in love with the same sex? leave. i will completely ignore u.(or molest u) but if ur cool with it, or if ur gay or lesbian, then i welcome u with open arms.(literalary)
plz feel free to look around my site and everything. i will post when something exciting happens, or if i wanna post a random picture of my bf's penis, or if i wanna put my zwinky up (withch ill show u if u fuck me)
im a hardcore yaoi (and yuri) fangirl. i LOVE it when guys kiss guys and when girls kiss girls (yes,i do own "girls gone wild", boys^.~).
i used 2 love grif 2.0 (but i hate hiz guts now). he wasnt very special to me and i fucked him more than anything in the world. he's the horniest person ever. ^_^
if any of u feel the need to talk to me or need help with anything, just PM me; i'll answer ASAP. but if u choose to PM me as a flame, the message will be ignored and deleted...if u think im easy ur right.. i like 2 get funny ideas.
ok that's pretty much it.

i HATE u, grif 2.0! *kills*
P.S. im a child molester^^

Friday, April 13, 2007

hey guess what??
its so fucking true!!
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*//*SHITa out*\\*

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grif 2.0 ur the most stupid dumbass EVER!!!
I HATE U BITCH!!!!!!!!

~i love molesting children~

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Another Must-Listen Song
"just what i needed" by the cars (thats the song they always use for some car commercials.......oh duh, they're called "the cars"....)
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

   Balto - Part 1

yes, this is the movie. but there are five other parts to it. i just figured since some of u probably havent seen this movie in ages, i'll put it up. judging by the comments will i put up more parts.

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Digga Tunnah
this has to be my most favorite song from the lion king 1 1/2! it's very catchy, too...

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Friday, February 9, 2007



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Thursday, February 8, 2007

   Shenzi from The Lion King
i have a question: is the hyena, shenzi, a girl or a guy? i know whoopi goldberg does the voice, but women do the voices for some male cartoon characters. so that's really all i have for today. is shenzi a girl or a guy in the lion king?
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