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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Hiei is my 2nd favorite character!
Name: Hiei
A.k.a.: Jaganshi, Flying Shadow, Vincent
Place of origin: Ice Country of Makai (Koorime)
Age: unknown
Height: about 5 ft.
Eye color: red
Hair color: black with white spikes
Voice actor: Hiyama Noboyuki

Family and background:
Hiei's mother Hina is an Ice Maiden who lived in the Ice Country of Makai (kinda huge rock that floats above Makai). Ice maiden can produce valuable gems by crying: their tears will turn into gems. And these Ice Maidens don't need men to get pregnant and always give birth to girls. So when Hiei was born, he was considered a monster that would ruin the country (a so called Forbidden Child) and Hina a traitor. Ruri, Hina's best friend, was ordered to drop the child from a high ground, which she did. But not before telling the child to stay alive to come back and kill her, and giving him Hina's Ice-Tear Gem, which actually was the tear that Hina shed while giving birth to Hiei. Hiei was a newborn baby, but understood and remembered every word said. And he was willing to come back to kill the Ice Maidens.

A group of thieves found the baby and took care of him. They gave him the name 'Hiei'. Hiei enjoyed fighting and killing, he became so strong and so ruthless that even the thieves feared him. But in one of his fights he lost his Ice-Tear Gem. Now there were two things he needed to find: his homeland Ice Country and his mother's inheritance. He realized that he needed a third eye to find the two things, so he went to the (plastic) surgeon Shigure to implant the third eye Jagan. Hiei lost his youki and became a youkai of the weakest level, Sigure taught him some sword fighting techniques. Now that he has the Jagan it was no problem at all to find the Ice Country, but when he got there and saw that the place had turned out to be not more than a ghost city, he suddenly felt no need and no tendency to kill. He met Ruri who told him that Hina had died many years ago and that Hina's daughter (Hiei's twin sister) had left the Ice Country to find her brother. As Hiei left Ruri realized that he was the child that she dropped from the cliff.

So Hiei has two things in mind again: his Ice-Tear Gem and his younger sister Yukina. Finally he went to Ningenkai to find her and met Kurama. One year later he met Yusuke.

Special abilities: His speed, his sword fighting ability and most importantly his Jagan. Having the Jagan provides its owner the possibility to learn the Jaou-Ensatsu-Ken (Evil King Fire Killing Fist Fighting Technique) (Man, that sounds so stupid in English...), which includes Hiei's most powerful technique Ensatsu Koku Ryu Ha (Fire Killing Black Dragon Wave) and other techniques as Jaou-Ensatsu-Ken (Evil King Fire Killing Sword). The user of this technique will evoke and summon the fire flames of Makai and use them as deadly weapons. But using the Black Dragon Wave has also a side effect: after this attack Hiei will be exhausted and in need of sleep.

Special features:
His length and his speed. His movements are so quick that they are invisible for the human eye. Even Yusuke and Kurama have trouble following his attack movements. His black wardrobe and of course his third eye the Jagan. Hiei also wears a headband to cover his Jagan and bandages around his rightarm to cover the black dragon tattoo/mark.

Hiei can be very stubborn and sometimes even selfish. He is very straight in what he wants to say, he'll never say more than needed. Unlike the others Hiei refuses contact, maybe afraid to owe anybody anything, and it seems very difficult to gain his trust. He was a mindless killer and thief in the beginning, but after he met Yusuke he began to change. He started caring about other people and one could clearly see that this cool guy had his heart in the right place.

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