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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Kurama is my favorite character in Yu Yu Hakusho!
Kuramas profile.
Name: Shuichi Minamino
A.k.a.: Romantic Soldier, Dennis
Place of origin: Ningenkai
Age: 15 (17 at the end of the series)
Eye color: green
Hair color: red
School: Meiou High
Voice Actor: Megumi Ogata

Family and background:
When he was chased by a Rei kai Hunter and got injured, Kurama (in his fox form) fled to Ningenkai and his spirit combined with that of the unborn baby of Shiori Minamino. Later he was born as Shuichi Minamino, his human mother loved him with all her heart and taught the once so cold hearted Kurama what human love is. Kurama who actually wanted to return to Makai as soon as he regained his powers learned how to love and to care and found himself unable to leave his mother. So he stayed to take care of her. When she got sick and couldn't be treated he decided to join Hiei and Gouki to steal the three Rei kai artifacts to save her life. And so he met Yusuke, who saved his life as he wanted to sacrifice his own life to save his mother's. At the end Shuichi lives with his mother, stepfather and little brother.

Kurama and Hiei met each other when Kurama was in junior high. You may not believe it but Kurama had short hair! Although Hiei probably will never admit, they are close friends, know a lot about each other and even understand each other.

Special abilities:

He has the ability to control plants and to evoke makai plants. He also can make lethal weapons out of plants. He has many special techniques, like the Rose Thorn Whip and the Attack with Flowers in the Wind. A minor detail: he can also read someone's lips.

Special features:
His long red hair, his big green eyes, his elegance and his intelligence... For some reason people mistake him for a girl.

He is a very nice person who smiles a lot, but nobody can tell who and what is behind this smiling face. Kurama is an extremely intelligent person, he thinks even a few steps more ahead than a normal person and will never let others know what he is thinking.. Even in the most difficult situations he manages to stay calm and think about the best solution. He will transform into Youko whenever he is in great danger and when he gets mad.

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